You probably know of someone in your life who seems to be favored by luck in whatever they do and wherever they go. This is the person who, despite never thinking things through, still manages to come out unscathed. But on the other side of the spectrum, you might also know of someone who, despite being a tragedy magnet, still triumphs even when worn out and bruised. This is the person who, although not fueled by luck, drives through life with perseverance, unwavering faith in their purpose, and an iron will. 

Joshua Denne is the picture of perseverance. He has gone from being a high school dropout to millionaire in his late 20s, before losing it all in 2010 and being temporarily homeless with a young family before clawing his way back to the multi-millionaire he is today.  

Joshua Denne’s life embodies the heroes’ journey, but in his mind, his biggest mission has just begun as he and his international group launched the Inevitable Challenge 2025 this month. 

Joshua is the Chairman of The Inevitable Group- a global collective of a few hundred thousand  peer-to-peer marketers whose core values are to consistently focus on bringing as much value to the customers they serve and the brand partners they promote. Joshua attributes his organization’s success in generating over $1B in revenue for their brands the last 2 decades and over $100m in commissions since 2011 to his faith, compassion, and tremendous work ethic. 

His journey began as being a high school dropout with absolutely no direction in sight whatsoever. At the time, he only had with him the grace of having someone who would soon become a dear friend and a mentor. The candle in the dark was what exposed him to the incredible world of direct-to-consumer and peer-to-peer marketing. 

The Inevitable Group was first conceived in 2011 when Joshua experienced his first-ever major loss as a man in this industry. Drowning in millions of debt, along with multiple other business investments that went bad in 2010, he ended up being homeless. Years later, his resiliency and dedication has elevated him to one of the industry’s top leaders. 

Today, the Inevitable Group remains steadfast in its mission of inspiring, educating, and providing its constituents with opportunities for economic stability. As COVID-19 struck, the company did not waver and Joshua found a new vision to pull the company into its most important effort to date. The pandemic only pushed his focus to help more people than ever to rise above the crushing adversity and economic turmoil it causes and marshall all of their resources to help 1 million or more new people earn a living wage in crypto globally by 2025.

During the lockdown and through self-reflection, It dawned on Joshua that there are tons of ways to react to the seemingly never-ending tragedies and injustices happening around the world. In his mind, we all have the choice of which attitude to take. A common mistake for most people is that when something tragic happens, they tend to make it worse – first, by letting their fury get the best of them, and next, by uselessly writhing their way out with no plan of action at hand. The Inevitable Group ensures that its members choose the action which will propel them onward and upward and bring others along with them. 

Joshua Denne believes that we can choose to be guided and choose to be inspired, but also knows that we all need a platform to stand on and a helping hand now and then. He has built that platform and his group is looking to help 1 million new hands in 2025. To learn more about Joshua Denne and The Inevitable Group, head on to their website, InstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn accounts.