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When WithCo first launched, founders Joshua Ellis and Bradley Ryan set out to bridge the gap between high quality, clean cocktails and the complicated process of serving them at home. Thus WithCo, standing for “With Company,” launched a small line of cocktail mixers made using fresh, unique ingredients, and took their home base in Nashville, TN by storm. Years later, Joshua and his wife Nicole have grown and scaled the company nationally, developing a cult-like following of avid fans that swear by WithCo’s mixers and always keep their bar carts stocked. “Finally, a company has revolutionized drinking at home. A mixer unlike any product out there,” one customer says.

From their ginger-lime Jackass Mule, to notes of Madagascar Vanilla in their Ellis Old Fashioned, WithCo’s lineup had a product for every taste. Best of all, each flavor mixes with a variety of spirits or soda water to make hosting everyone easy. They filled a major gap in the market with fresh, no preservatives, mixers that truly taste as though they were squeezed moments before, but one request kept coming up through the years. The margarita.

Walk the shelves in any grocery or liquor store, and you’ll see why WithCo took their time with this one. Endless options from bitingly bitter to corn syrup sweet, some better than others but not a single one truly worthwhile, flood the marketplace. Customers begged WithCo to address the problem, but WithCo had their work cut out for them. Fresh squeezed lime juice and agave nectar aren’t simple ingredients to batch in a 10-cocktail-bottle, especially without preservatives. “We’d never found a bottled margarita we actually enjoyed drinking,” Joshua said, “and didn’t want to be lumped into a category with those neon green margaritas on the shelves. We knew we had to do it differently, and we knew it had to be the best.” This Spring, they finally got it just right.

In comes the happy marriage of smooth agave nectar, refreshing lime, and zesty orange oil. Shaken with tequila or mezcal and poured over ice, WithCo’s Agave Margarita is like summer in a bottle, and could not have come at a better time. Launching just before 2020’s Cinco de Mayo, the Agave Margarita rapidly made waves through America’s social distancers. One customer called it “the Holy Grail of Margaritas,” another “life changing,” and almost all unanimously say it’s “the best.”

If you didn’t get a chance to be among the thousands of customers that sold out WithCo’s newest addition in record time, you’re in luck. It’s back in stock and sticking around for good, find it on their website for delivery right to your doorstep. While you’re there, browse their full lineup and earn free shipping on purchases of 3 or more bottles — we promise, you won’t regret stocking up.