To find something that can increase the speed of recovery is rare. There is a wide range of products out there that unfortunately cannot satisfy a customer’s need. There is a need to have something that can help fasten the recovery rate to the optimal level. Recently, a startup CBD (or cannabidiol) e-commerce company, Warrior CBD was launched in January 2019. In just six months, it has garnered customers from over 29 US States and is steadily growing ever since.

Warrior CBD is excellent for athletes who come home with sores, body aches and pains from training. Even people who train martial arts as well as who do intense exercise regimens. Warrior CBD oil is a full-spectrum oil, which contains all of the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant, unlike other isolate oils in the market. Warrior CBD has created oils to help with inflammation while salves and creams to help with the bruises, cuts, swelling, and anything else that you may need it for.

According to research, these cannabinoids and terpenes can help produce entourage effects which will yield maximum health benefits. It is an ultra-premium quality CBD made from hemp plants grown in Evergreen, Colorado. It is non-GMO and 100% Organic. It also has a wide variety of CBD products ranging from oils, skin creams, and other topical products, designed for athletes for faster recovery. With its free three-day shipping anywhere in the US, it is now used by hundreds of customers in over 38 US states, with a money-back guarantee on all orders. This is one of Warrior CBD’s advantages as an e-commerce brand that they can ship orders to any state in the USA, compared to retail CBD stores that can only reach local markets. 

Many customers are unaware of where their products came from, what are its components, and any other inquiries. With Warrior CBD, there is an assurance that the products have ultra-premium quality CBD. Warrior CBD is made with a proprietary extraction method from hemp plants grown in Evergreen, Colorado. Unlike any other, Warrior CBD takes openness to its customers about their products very seriously. 

More on their service, Warrior CBD values excellent customer service. The company takes pride in transparency, to let the customers know about their products, components, and serve them with the service that they deserve. It’s more than just a product, it’s also about the customers, serving their needs, getting to know the brand, and making a difference in their lives.   

Warrior CBD believes in serving to as much as people who may need it as possible‚ÄĒwidening their reach, with the help from the advantages of being an e-commerce company. Warrior CBD now has a growing team of 15 brand ambassadors, and it is a top recommended product by some of the top Jiu-Jitsu practitioners in the DFW area and in the country. Now, Warrior CBD is working on getting their CBD products to Brazil, and eventually, to launch it internationally. 

You can connect with them through Facebook, Follow them on Instagram @warriorcbdofficial, and Twitter @WarriorCbd. Check out their website at