In these trying times, social woes are far too uncommon, one such societal issue literally spans generations. Since the dawn of time, people of different generations have been put at odds with one another. Society tends to look down on newer generations and millennials take the brunt of these societal judgments. Branded as lazy, ungrateful and a bunch of other harsh words; Wally Nguyen has made it his personal mission to end the stigma.

A self-made entrepreneur at a young age, Wally Nguyen is a seasoned digital marketer and founder of Your Mentor Bot, a digital marketing agency in Dallas with a goal to help businesses reach as many potential clients as possible through effective SEO strategies. Wally is a man of principle with a heart of gold, he aims to be a role model for millennial Asian Americans who also want to achieve success. He acknowledges the familial pressure that immigrant parents tend to instill in their children. Through his success, he wants to prove that millennials are the driving force of small businesses in the coming years.

Wally currently works with multiple six and seven-figure influencers, course creators, and internet marketers. He has helped generate more than $500,000 in sales revenue for his clients by installing messenger marketing systems and providing digital marketing services. His systems are generating over $100,000 per month for his clients to date. Having implemented them for all kinds of businesses including restaurants, coffee shops, swim schools, tax professionals, barbers, and even law firms.

Wally quirkily calls himself the robot, a nod to the famous Disney animated film Wall-E who was also a robot. And it’s in this free-spirited and fun-loving facet of Wally where his youth shines eternal. It’s a telling sign of a man who can get things done while also enjoying the beautiful things in life. His vibrant youth and easygoing nature gives him the edge among his competitors. Fostering good client relations and building strong foundations of trust, he has branded himself with the appropriate tagline: “The Digital Marketer That Won’t Lie To You.”

It’s out with the old and in with the new, Wally Nguyen is giving digital marketing a fresh and innovative perspective through his company Your Mentor Bot and his own personal services. This millennial marketer is making waves in the industry by putting in the work, just being himself and having a good time. This robot isn’t just following orders, he’s doing his own thing and he’s pretty good at it and he tries to inspire others to do the same. It’s never too late to start, while at the same time it’s never too early, Wally wants to inspire his fellow millennials to channel their youth and take that step into starting something good this early in their life. He knows that his generation is the impetus of a thriving economy, he knows that his generation is the future, he knows that the youth should take action but that action must start from within.