We recently came across an amazing brand on Instagram called Vush. Vush is a self-love and female wellness brand which aims to break social stigmas behind adult toys and bring out the confidence in women to explore themselves without shame or guilt. The company is doing so by normalising the use and promotion of toys that truly should be a part of everyday life. We checked out their Instagram, and we were blown away, tens and thousands of women have rallied behind their movement to #breakthestigma, with the support of popular social media influencers promoting their product The Empress – which is their most popular product and THE most well-known sex toy going around on Instagram today. 

The fact of the matter is female sexuality is still considered taboo in society. Women are still treated differently for being open about sex and other discussions revolving around the topic. Sexuality is a part of life that is not discussed daily, yet has a huge impact on society and day to day life. Vush is changing this.

Vush aims to become the “beauty brand of sex toys” by empowering women to embrace their sexuality. They have created a powerful Instagram movement which involves brave women speaking up against societal norms and promoting the use of their popular sex toys on Instagram – more specifically The Empress, which is a 5-star “vacuum stimulator” product with over 800 5 star reviews.

The Vush project is truly inspiring to women around the world, with almost 40k followers on Instagram in only a few months of operating, and beauty stores/pharmacies lining up to get ahold of the brand, it is clear that the future for Vush is bright. Allowing women to express themselves freely and openly when it comes to their sexual endeavours helps to normalise and break the stigma of what is normally considered taboo in society. Join their Instagram movement @vush_official to help the brand #breakthestigma!