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Company: Upstate Media, Inc.

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Upstate Media Inc. Is Turning More Visitors Into Buyers By Improving The Conversion Rate

Upstate Media Inc. is one of the leading digital agencies based in Claymont with expertise in services like conversion rate optimization, Facebook & Instagram ads, and email marketing.

Claymont, DE (Date) Upstate Media Inc., a performance-based digital agency in Claymont, DE, is pleased to announce its shift of focus towards the conversion rate optimization services for e-commerce.

The digital agency kicks-off an integrated conversion rate optimization system to offer e-commerce stores an understanding of the reasons why people are leaving the websites and not completing the purchase. The data-driven optimization solution is designed to fix it, and turn more visitors into buyers.

According to Maksim Grevtsov, the founder of Upstate Media Inc., “With our own e-commerce projects, we are seeing one of the highest conversion rates on the market: up to 9% versus typical 1-2%.” After continued optimizations for some of their e-commerce clients, the company was also able to increase the conversion rates by up to 500% from 1.5% to 6%, from 1% to 5%, and from 3% to 8.5%.

The fully-managed CRO solution includes, but is not limited to comprehensive conversion audit, custom A/B testing roadmap, its development, and implementation, data-driven website redesign, user testing, and strategic conversion advisement

Apart from conversion rate optimization, Upstate Media also offers Facebook Ads scaling services where they can help to significantly increase ad spending while maintaining high ROAS (return on ad spend). What’s more, they also offer sales funnel building, influencer marketing, and Instagram ads.

The digital agency based in Claymont does not believe in vanity metrics. In fact, this is the reason why they always put emphasis on quality over quantity, on healthy profit margins rather than on bigger revenue and less in quantity but higher quality customers. They offer highly detailed and transparent campaign reports so customers can easily understand them as well.

Some of the companies Upstate Media Inc. has worked with include UC Union, Lyft, Zaksy, Uber, and Grupo Xango.

About Upstate Media Inc.

Upstate Media Inc. is a performance-based digital agency that focuses on e-commerce marketing. Their goal is to generate profitable leads, scale sales, and grow the ROI for their clients. The services they offer include conversion rate optimization, email marketing, Facebook and Instagram ads, sales funnel building, and influencer marketing.


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