Many businesses have had to reimagine themselves and innovate the ways they provide their services or products amidst the COVID-19 outbreak and consequential crisis. All industries–in particular sports and entertainment, tourism, retail and hospitality and food services–have been affected. But this did not stop TrustMySystem.

TrustMySystem is a sports consulting service that specializes in American sports, and prides itself on following the concept of quality over quantity. Through their platforms on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and their website, they provide advice to their clients on what teams to support and bet on.

Moreover, TrustMySystem consists of a group of anonymous sports experts who specialize specifically in American sports. They are all located in the United States and have worked together for over 10+ years. 

Before social media, TrustMySystem worked privately with high profile clients through a referral basis. TrustMySystem first launched on Instagram in Spring 2016, making it one of the most longevous handicappers. Their breakout season was the Major League Baseball season in 2017, followed by their historic National Football League run in 2018.

Just before the COVID-19 crisis struck, they were in the midst of another historic run with a 60-25 (71%) hit ratio. So what are they doing to tackle this?

“All sports related businesses have taken a hit with no U.S. sports being available. However, with our innovative team we decided to refocus our expertise to an area that not many people have had a high success rate in: International Sports. We decided to use our skill sets in ways similar to how we handicap U.S. Sports but with a slight twist to it.” 

After some testing, TrustMySystem released a “COVID-19” package that contains international action until U.S. sports are back.  This package was released on March 12th 2020, and they have since then hit an unbelievable clip of 72% with a 36-14 record. 

The package contains international soccer, international hoops, table tennis, and Aussie Rules (league suspended). Furthermore, the package is extremely affordable at just $59.99, which is what they normally charge for their daily card. 

“The reason we decided to go with this price is so all the people who are on the edge can experience transparency, the way we send out our plays, our elite customer service, and be an official member of the TMS team!”

This gives everyone an opportunity to get a glimpse of what real sports consulting looks like. There are a lot of con artists and scammers in the industry, which is why the first thing everyone should look for is transparency–all consulting companies should post all of their wins and losses every single day.

In addition, it is important not to trust any account simply because they have a lot of followers, as some of them may be fake. Something else people should do is direct message followers of the service and ask them to show you their personal wagers, and then compare them with the results shown on a profile’s page.

“Unlike most handicappers, we like to keep it a hundred percent real with our clients, no smoke and mirrors. We offer our clients the option to receive all of our straight picks in a few different variants (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly). We also allow clients to contact us individually if they would like a package tailored specifically for what they have available. For example, NBA only.”

With TrustMySystem, clients have the option to receive their plays through text message, email or through an iOS/Android application for members overseas. People can also go to their Instagram and see their wins and losses which are posted regularly, in order to provide that transparency they pride themselves in.

To find out more about TrustMySystem or get your own package in the time of COVID-19, go here