Touré Roberts is a faith leader, motivational speaker, and influencer who is motivated to enhance others’ leadership capabilities. Through his skillful motivational speaking, organization of conferences, and understanding of his own faith, he is able to inspire thousands of others. For many people, faith is a way to better understand themselves, as well as their business. Many of us use faith as our backbone to our way of life no matter where we come from or what religion we practice. It is a way to guide people through their rough patches and give them a feeling of a supportive community that surrounds them, which is something Touré fully understands and utilizes.

“I was blessed to found what grew to become one of the most influential faith and empowerment congregations in the world, The Potter’s House at One LA, formerly known as One Church LA. My highest honor is being husband and best friend to my incredible wife and partner-in-everything I do, the author, business woman, producer, pastor and top women’s influencer Sarah Jakes Roberts.” Explains Touré.

When Touré is not being a motivational speaker and faith leader, he is working on his countless other talents, including being an accomplished bestselling author. He has written and published three books: “Purpose Awakening: Discover the Epic Idea that Motivated Your Birth” released in 2014, “Wholeness: Winning in Life From the Inside Out” – a #1 National Bestseller in 2018 and “Balance: Tipping The Scales, Leveraging Change & Having It All” which comes out this fall.

Besides book writing, Touré also has consulted on a few TV shows and recently co-executive produced his own show, the pilot of which was picked up by a major studio. He is a man of many talents who plays his hand at numerous entrepreneurial endeavors and almost always gets results. Touré believes in multiple media platforms and has over four hundred thousand subscribers on his Youtube Channel and a robust podcast audience, The Potter’s House At One LA, which he hosts with his wife, Sarah Jakes Roberts. His successes have led to his appearance on numerous platforms including MSNBC, Good Morning America, and many more.

“I have been fortunate to work in the TV industry as well. I consulted on a FOX network drama series, and co-executive produced a multi-cam sitcom pilot that was ordered by ABC Studios. Under my entertainment company Modern Faith Media, I continue to discover and develop transformative content without any compromise in regards to creative excellence and high-production value directed toward the multicultural marketplace.” Touré remarked.

Currently, Touré is proud of his newest endeavor that he created to empower emerging leaders and entrepreneurs : “The Called”. 

“My passion is inspiring, equipping and empowering emerging leaders in entrepreneurship, entertainment and faith, which is why I’ve created “The Called”, a comprehensive resource with the development of those leaders in mind.” Touré says.

This program gives Touré an opportunity to inspire and spread his experience in person, beyond his multi-media approach, including video and written books. He will be embarking on a speaking tour in 2021 to encourage those who want to start or scale their business, ministry, or organization and to align their journey with the most rewarding trajectory. On Touré’s website, there are resources to begin your journey to become a better leader, which is the focus of “The Called” program. 

“‘The Called’ is a growth and development resource for emerging leaders designed to help them discover their unique footprint through providing tools, strategies, the honing of skills and perspectives that propel leaders into their calling and afford them the maximum impact. This 2-Day intensive is essential to getting you to the next level.” Touré mentioned.

Touré speaks to his audience about a variety of subjects pertaining to how they can maximize their potential in their business and realize the highest version of themselves. 

“Our modern approach to faith and empowerment attracts tens of thousands to our messages each week. Our online massive digital following of more than 400,000 subscribers have generated upwards of 40 million views to date. Our audiences tune in to experience life-changing talks on subjects of faith, the realization of potential, purpose, greatness, relationships, and of course entrepreneurship.” Says Touré.

To find out more about Touré, you can follow him on Instagram @toureroberts and can check out his website at