Tony M Fountain is the co-founder of Georgia-based Now Entertainment. Now Entertainment is an independent record label and media company that specialises in releasing music and now has an, app, blog and magazine. The first issue of its magazine was released in January 2020, with video content now being produced for a summer release on its Amazon channel. Now Entertainment has also been raising money for an American cancer society, with Fountain having lost his grandmother to breast cancer when he was 15 and his grandfather to cancer at 12 on Christmas morning. Cancer also claimed the life of his mentor. 



Fountain and the label’s co-founder Max Trenton Taylor Henderson first toyed with the idea of running their own multimedia company at the age of 12. Their initial drawings were created in art class, where they discussed launching an enterprise specialising in movies, music and video games. Just a couple of years later, they settled on the name “NOW” – “Never Off Work”. Once the recording and film studio were completed, the blog and Google News parts of the company were created by Fountain. The company then recruited hip-hop entrepreneur and influencer Christian Vind to head this department. Fountain and Vind have also collaborated on a song set for release later in 2020.


Now Entertainment was first founded in 2011 as a recording studio that evolved into a full-service media company. The company provides a range of label services to artists including recording, distribution, video, photography, SEO, SMM, web design, public relations and more. Aiming to offer artists a platform without the constraints of a traditional label structure, the company was founded in the Georgian town of Gordon, home to just 1900 people. 

Artist Services for The Public 

The team have spent the past nine years building their platform and have just launched their artist services to the public rather than just signed acts. Their passion for independence means they are eager to work with artists that share the same independent spirit. The company was named whilst Henderson and Fountain were carrying out cleaning work and the pair were struggling with poverty. One of the aims for the company was to ensure it was so successful they would never be unemployed or in a job they disliked ever again. The company’s philosophy is also about constant self-improvement, focussing on consistent learning, continually developing a person’s art and spiritual evolution. The name was also chosen to emphasis the importance of the present and not worrying about the future. 

“Artist-Friendly” Deals

Now Entertainment aims to offer a unique, comfortable atmosphere that enables artists to prosper. Deals are described as “artist-friendly”, with many young artists having received valuable support from Now Entertainment. The Now Entertainment app was first released in 2019, and the company has a strong presence on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 

Antonio May And Police Brutality 

The label is also set to release a mixtape dedicated to the late Antonio May, a victim of police brutality. May was reportedly pepper-sprayed and beaten to death after asking for water at Fulton County Jail in 2018. Having moved to Georgia to beat addiction issues and start a new life, he was arrested and charge with criminal trespassing shortly before his death. He was also the co-founder of a rap group with Now Entertainment’s Henderson, his cousin and left behind three children. Fountain hopes the album will draw more attention to issues like police brutality and the relationship between society, crime and poverty. 

“Any One Of Us Can Get Locked Up”

Having worked as a prison guard himself, Henderson said he experienced no issues himself in his former line of work but also treat the inmates “like human beings and not animals”. He says he saw inmates from all walks of life in prison, including not only people struggling with poverty and a lack of opportunity but doctors and lawyers too, adding “any of us can get locked up for a number of things”. 

The 478 Gang Series

The mixtape’s lyrics focus on a range of social issues and life experiences. Henderson is calling for a “revision of standards” in the prison hiring and training process, saying police brutality is “getting out of hand”. The mixtape is to be called 478 Gang Vol. #2 and comes after May’s family reportedly requested a criminal probe following other unexplained deaths at the jail. May’s brother said “it’s never too late to save the next person from senseless police brutality.” 478 Gang Vol. #1 was released in 2018. 

Other Projects And Future Ambitions

Now Entertainment has also worked with artists including Shotgun Shane and Nino Brown. It’s expected that the label could be become a powerful hip-hop brand that aims to offer an alternative to “cookie cutter rappers and formulated music”. The main site can be found at, and the latest news can be read at