If you are among the millions of Americans who are stretching the household budget, you have likely kept your vehicle longer than it should. The upside is that majority of modern cars have become more reliable than ever before and will generally last for long so long as they are appropriately maintained. The downside is that majority of motorists are postponing crucial repair and maintenance needs, often because of cost. This is especially the case when it comes to tires. Car owners see them as expensive and put off the purchase of a new set as the line between what’s ideal and safe and what is legal can be quite large. 

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Tirescanner.com was founded by Mike Welch on the basis that tires can be provided more conveniently and at a better price in a far better way than they currently are. 

Welch founded UK tire retailer Blackcircles.com and spent a number of years growing so-called ‘click and fit’ tire retailing in Europe before he sold it to Michelin in 2015. He subsequently launched Tirescanner.com in 2018 and the site currently offers same-day or next-day tire installation across 45 US states at market leading prices. The online platform brings together access to local tire inventory & installation availability for some of the best independent tire shops across the US. 

Tirescanner works in partnership with a network of tire retailers across the US to sell their stock and calendar availability to online shoppers and fleet owners using their innovative integration technology.

This all said, Tirescanner.com aside – there are plenty of other ways to save on tyres and the immediate one for most auto owners is maintenance. There are few items people will pay hundreds and even thousands for and not even consider upkeep of. People do that with tires and it costs them. 

Tires can easily be ignored! However, they are the only thing that separates you and your loved ones from the ground. Not only will proper tire maintenance keep you and your loved ones safe, but it will also end up saving you money down the road.

Here are some few money-saving tips from Tirescanner:

Keep the pressure up. Underinflated tires generally increase the rolling resistance, which can minimize fuel mileage by one mpg or extra. Also, low pressure makes tires wear out quicker and can result in overheating of tires, which risks dangerous failure while speeding. It will only take you a few minutes each month to check tire pressure. Also, don’t forget to inspect the spare; you don’t want to get a flat tire and later on discover your spare needs air as well.

Rotate for long life. When it comes to front-wheel-drive cars, compared to rear tires, front tires generally work harder on the roads of today. These tires will drive, steer, and provide a braking force and support the weight of the engine. All these will culminate in the front tires wearing out faster. Rotate the tires as per the guidelines in the owner’s manual. This way, you will be avoiding spending hundreds of dollars for a new set sooner than you thought. It will also make sure that there’s balanced wear all through the four tires and consequently offer balanced braking and handling.

Pass on the nitrogen. The majority of tire retailers and car dealers will tell you that tires added with nitrogen in place of ordinary air will assist you in maintaining proper pressure for long. While that may be true, regardless if you use plain-old air or nitrogen, you still have to check the tire pressure occasionally. Our extensive tests indicated that tires will still lose pressure irrespective if they’re filled with air or nitrogen. If the nitrogen on offer is free-of-charge, no harm can come from using it, but why buy it in the first place? The Bottom Line: There’s no alternative for performing proper pressure checks.

Snow removal. If you are residing in a snowy environment, you should consider using four winter tires to get the best safety and traction. However, compared to conventional tires, their compounds wear out much quicker, plus handling isn’t that good on roads that are cleared. So, to maximize the usefulness and wear of snow tires, do not install them until the snow is in your driveway and remove them immediately spring sets in.

Shop around. When the time has come for replacing tires, do all of them to get the best emergency handling, traction, and all-round performance. Make sure to look around for the best price. Retailers online like Tirescanner will make comparing prices easier while others will make it even easier to get the right tires by just inputting the model and make. So to get the best tires for your needs, make sure to see our ratings.