Tinnitus 911 is a supplement that helps to eradicate the roaring and ringing in the ears known as tinnitus; this ringing can cause individuals to feel stressed and in constant pain. Found only at Tinnitus911.com, the natural ear ringing relief supplement only needs to be consumed once a day and can take the place of all prescription medications. Therapies that do not work, and hearing aid devices they tell you will eventually relieve the ringing of tinnitus.

Made by a reputable company in PhytAge Labs, Tinnitus 911 is designed by Charlie Gaines to help reduce or possibly eliminate those buzzing, roaring clicking, hissing noises that can even cause throbbing headaches, migraines, dizziness, and nausea if not addressed in adequate amounts of time.

The following Tinnitus 911 review of the ear ringing relief formula  will cover all of the basics as well as in-depth research regarding how the supplement is meant to work on auditory nerve health. From the 90-day money back guarantee to the impeccable testimonials found on the official website, the Tinnitus 911 supplement claims to be a natural solution the world’s been begging for.

What is Tinnitus 911?

Tinnitus 911 is a hearing relief formula that works to soothe the central nervous system that can provide assistance in stopping phantom sounds in the ears. Using nothing but pure ingredients and herbal extracts, the Tinnitus 911 formula for ear ringing relief does not contain any fake or fluff filled dangerous chemicals and pesticides and has third party verification to back it up on the website.

Tinnitus is a condition that affects the ringing in the ears, and this noise alone can be incredibly overwhelming as it continues. If the sufferer is lucky, it subsides after a few minutes. For chronic sufferers, this ringing is causing an irritating buzzing, and low pitched ringing in the ears and its constant. There are many people that believe that the cause has to do with the ears. However, the creators behind Tinnitus 911 using the highest quality, and most potent, and rarest of ingredients that are sourced from around the world, believe that the cause is buried deep in the brain.

Tinnitus 911 was developed by Charlie Gaines, and the solution was discovered when he was also dealing with the frustration of tinnitus. Gaines explains that he was able to recover his hearing fully and that the medical community has been hiding this solution for years. With the research and ingredients used in Tinnitus 911, he states that users will see the end to their tinnitus and the ringing as they find their sense of normal again.

Along with the ability to ease the ringing, this formula targets brain function with a two-step system that will help with future brain issues. The website states that there’s a lot that consumers have to learn about this issue, adding that tinnitus could be a sign of future problems like dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s are on the horizon. However, since Tinnitus 911 is safe for use at all ages as a way to relieve the condition, it becomes substantially easier to find a solution that can meet these needs.

Why Does It Work?

The reason that Tinnitus 911 is useful is that it targets the brain, rather than the ear. Gaines explained that the ringing is due to the damage in the synapses in the brain, which cannot travel from one cell to the next as the brain deteriorates. As brain cells become more damaged, brain disorders can occur, which is why Gaines states that this ringing can be a sign of slow brain death.

The formula is made up of ingredients that help to heal the brain and nourish the ears, easing problems like hearing loss, risk of stroke, memory loss, mental and physical fatigue, and dizziness.

The formula includes:

  • Hibiscus and Hawthorne Berry- Hibiscus calms down the entire nervous system, and hawthorn berry stops panic attacks cold.
  • Olive leaves- proven through multiple lab tests to protect both your brain and your ears.
  • Garlic-  fights dementia and powers up your memory.
    Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B6, and Buchu leaves are powers are like steroids for the brain
  • Juniper berries, Green Tea, Uva ursi, and Vitamin C- Are designed to clean your brain from toxins
  • Niacin- actively repairs damaged brain cells.

Gaines explains that the doctor who helped him find this solution focuses on putting all of these naturally sourced ingredients into capsules. He states that, with his own use of this remedy, the tinnitus started to drop in volume by the fifth day, and that it was almost completely gone by week two. While the results may vary slightly, the majority of people have seen absolute eradication of their tinnitus by week 3.

To order the Tinnitus 911 supplement by PhytAge Labs at the lowest price available, click here to visit the official website.

Tinnitus 911 FAQ’s

How long after beginning the Tinnitus 911 supplement will I feel and see the full effects?

Users should be feeling the effects within 7 days, but the company recommends giving the product a trial run of at least 90 days for the best results.

How should users take Tinnitus 911?

Take one capsule twice a day with a meal every day for the best results.

Is Tinnitus 911 safe for anyone to take?

Tinnitus 911 is a natural product that is safe to use for all healthy men and women. However, if you currently have a medical condition or are taking medication, I would take a bottle to your doctor or pharmacist before taking it. Pregnant women and children under 18 should not use it.

What are the ingredients in Tinnitus 911?

For consumers who may have other product questions can reach out to the company by phone or email at

  • Phone- 1-800-822-5753
  • Email- [email protected]
  • Phytage Labs Address- 1732 1st Avenue #28568 New York, NY 10128 USA

Buying Tinnitus 911

Consumers can get a 30-day supply of Tinnitus 911 for $69.95. Considering that only one pill needs to be taken twice a day, users should be able to get through one bottle to achieve their relief. Still, for anyone that wants to stock up or to buy a supply for other loved ones who are suffering, there’s a two-bottle package ($59.95 each) and a four-bottle package ($49.95 each) as well.

The company also offers once a purchase is made, a USPS – To track your order, then enter your tracking number. Please wait at least five days from your date of purchase to get tracking status details on your order.

The supplement can be returned within 90 days of use for a full refund if it doesn’t work for the user, returns are sent to the company at,

Returns Address:

PhytAge Laboratories

37 Inverness Drive East, Suite 100

Englewood, CO 80112


Tinnitus 911 can work for a broad range of people, requiring twice-daily treatment for such a significant benefit. While there are many surgeries that could potentially become problematic later on, consumers will save a lot of money by solving this issue naturally with Tinnitus 911. With no headaches, no ringing, and no dizziness, consumers can get back to the way that they lived before the tinnitus took over their life.

For individuals that continue to suffer or for anyone that has noticed major severity in their tinnitus, it may be best to speak with a doctor.

Act now and don’t delay, get the Tinnitus 911 supplement today and experience natural ear ringing relief once and for all.