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Creating creative content is not as simple as you think. It takes a lot of work from thinking of a peg, producing the props, writing the script, to editing to its final output. Thus, the birth and the steady surge in demand for online influencers. They have the right amount of charm and the necessary skills to make a vlog, blog post, story, or any content that would make you watch and enjoy. All these efforts from online creators are not just for popularity. They have also turned it to their business through influencer marketing. But sealing a deal is still not that easy, especially for the younger and beginning talents. With this dilemma, Tiktunes as a rising online talent agency.

TikTunes is a talent agency that connects record labels, brands, mobile apps, and surveys with Tik Tok influencers. It is the best “middle man” for companies who need to boost their brands and influencers who want to monetize their followers. In the last four weeks, Tiktunes has had over 3,000 Tiktok creator submissions creating a cumulative following of over 1 billion followers. Now, it has the most extensive online Tik Tok creator database in the USA.

It offers mobile app companies, brands, and music labels the chance to have access to the largest database of TikTok influencers in the USA. This talent agency also has an exclusive platform that gives access to the CPI option that companies can utilize in reaching the target audience for their brands. Not only that, but Tiktunes has also now extended their services to an app where the influencers and can easily mingle, communicate, and clinch direct collaborations from brands, mobile apps, and record labels looking for talents.

Their vast network of talents is the concrete proof of SalDi’s expertise in influencer marketing. As founder and CEO of Tiktunes, Salvatore DiBenedetto knows what he’s doing as a social media influencer himself. An entrepreneur and successful social media icon at 22, has proven himself adept at this field of the business by securing an extensive network of young talents. He had over 300 000 followers on Instagram when the platform launched. It was not long before he joined the first few people to reach 1 million followers. He is very fluent in all digital platforms & social media algorithms. Along with his team of other influencers running Tiktunes, they know how to give unparalleled exposure to your brand, label, or app.

Their team in Tiktunes knows that companies & brands are persistent in taking advantage of their marketing power. But as a talent agency, TikTunes prides itself on serving the influencers’ interests. It is the only agency not requiring its talents to sign a contract giving them the liberty to choose and secure as many projects as they could. Tiktunes ensures that they do not get ripped off while they monetize their influence in the right way. They help content creators by giving free consultations and support on how to handle interest from other brands, agencies & companies. 

They make their services available 24/7 through their soon-to-launch mobile app. TikTunes mobile app that will allow creators to access brand deals, record labels, mobile apps & surveys. This app also allows the creators to communicate back and forth with their talent manager and answer any questions they may have. TikTunes makes sure no one is stealing the content you worked hard for without your approval. 

Partnering with TikTunes means introducing your promotions into this massive network of promotional opportunities for unrivaled online publicity. TikTunes leverages its own media pages to build up Tik Tok creators on other platforms, making it ahead of its in the competition. This strategy of simultaneous promotion boosts their clients’ reputation and online presence. Thus, mobile app companies, brands, and record labels are sure to find the right influencer for their target audience.

Ready to work with Tiktunes? Sign up now on their website: https://www.tiktunes.com/. Get to know Salvatore DiBenetto more through his handle: instagram.com/salvatore .