Founded by self-made millionaire and trader, Austin McClelland, the  Three-Step Training Elite Trading Group And Education is the fastest growing trading educational platform and community across the world. It was created with the commitment of enabling and empowering a growing number of traders and even aspiring entrepreneurs to become financially successful. This platform will show you how to implement skills to become a seasoned trader as well as create a wildly profitable income source.

It all started when Austin decided he needed to do something to turn his life around. Austin came from nothing. He didn’t have anyone to turn to. Both of his parents abandoned him when he was young and so he had to work his way on his own. 

He was so curious about trading that he sat for hours and wondered how other people were making millions while only looking at a chart and pressing only a few buttons. Through his grit and passion, he worked his way tirelessly and consistently to figure things out for himself. He had to go through years of trying again and again, failing, multiple trials and errors just to find a system that would make sense. And he did. 

That’s how the Three-Step Training Elite Trading Group And Education came to be. So that anyone who wanted to transform their life and career through trading has a resource and tool to make it easier for them and to help them understand how trading works and how to trade right.

For the first time, budding and seasoned entrepreneurs are seeing an alternative to traditional business enterprise. Through this platform, anyone has the opportunity to connect with Austin and his team. Austin McClelland, who’s a self-made millionaire and trader with four years of experience and has worked his way up from nothing to millions and eventually, founded this life-changing platform where he aims to empower more people to succeed. To date, Austin empowered, mentored, and transformed the lives of more than 700 individuals from around the world.

Talking about milestones, from just being a simple platform, Austin and his team are now able to offer more than 50 video lessons, daily live coaching calls, private trade rooms, daily trade setups and many more. Austin has definitely come a long way and he isn’t looking to stop anytime soon.

If you’re an entrepreneur and wanted to take a different route than the usual traditional business, or an aspiring entrepreneur, or if you’re an engineer, graphic designer, or a college student who’s looking for a profitable source of income, visit to know more.