Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, the need to regulate and track body temperature is at an all time high. One of the most frequently seen symptoms of COVID-19 is a high fever, and unlike a cough or sneeze, a fever isn’t an easy thing to see just from looking at someone. With social distancing and the need to keep people within 6 feet distances, a standard thermometer is no longer a realistic option. That’s why you need a way to measure temperature without contact, a way to accurately, and quickly, see the body temperature of someone without putting yourself at risk. This is where an excellent handheld infrared thermometer can be a tremendous asset. Everyone, from restaurants to doctors offices, are using handheld infrared thermometers to accurately measure the body temperatures of their clients to check for fever – a key symptom. You want a thermometer that can deliver accurate measurements to protect your family and business and Thermosense is here to help with the best infrared thermometer on the market.

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What is the Thermosense Infrared Thermometer?

The Thermosense infrared thermometer is a handheld, easy to use infrared thermometer that can measure body temperature without the need for physical contact. Normal thermometers require close physical contact, which in today’s climate, can have dangerous consequences. Viruses can attach themselves to the device, and without a proper cleaning and strict guidelines, the next person to use that thermometer can become infected thus endangering the lives of everyone involved. Thankfully, Thermosense is here to help.

Based in the UK since 2007, Thermosense prides themselves on delivering you the best, most accurate products on the market. Their team of sales and technical engineers have over 100 years of experience which speaks highly to the quality of their products. They care about their products, and by extension, their customers. It’s this attention to quality that makes the Thermosense Infrared Thermometer the best infrared thermometer around.

With its LCD screen and simple design, the Thermosense thermometer is so easy to use a child could do it. And with the ability to measure temperature within 0.3 degrees Celsius, it has the accuracy that makes parents feel secure. However, these are all empty words if there is no evidence to back it up. Don’t worry, in this next section I will tell you about how the Thermosense Infrared Thermometer is the best infrared thermometer for you, regardless of your situation.

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What makes Thermosense the best infrared thermometer?

Whether you are measuring your child’s temperature, your coworkers, or the customers arriving in your store, the main concern is accuracy, simplicity, and speed. You want a thermometer that can deliver results while also being easy to use, no need for a medical degree with the Thermosense thermometer. As mentioned above, this thermometer is accurate within 0.3 degrees Celsius, and when the difference between being fine and having a fever could be life or death, this accuracy is vital.

Simplicity is also key. You want a thermometer that is easy to read and understand, and once again, the Thermosense Infrared Thermometer has got you covered. It’s LCD screen is easy to see in any conditions while the threshold alarm ensures that no high temperature will go unnoticed. It can also store up to 32 measurements, which means tracking changes in temperature is easier than ever.

Lastly, you want to be able to see your results fast. No standing around in close proximity to potentially sick people while you wait for the results. No more stressful uncertainty about your child’s fever. The Thermosense Thermometer delivers your results in 0.5 seconds – a lightning-fast turnaround.

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You will read later a more in depth report about why the Thermosense Infrared Thermometer is the best infrared thermometer for you. But for those with a busy life and very little time on their hands, here are the key features of the Thermosense Infrared Thermometer:

-Precise non-contact measurements

-Ability to switch between body and surface mode

-Easy switching between Fahrenheit and Celsius

-Temperature threshold alarm

-Easy calibration with another sensor

-Memory for 32 measurements

-Backlit easy to read LCD display

-A 0.5 second response time

These are all excellent reasons to get a Thermosense Infrared Thermometer… but how do you know if a handheld thermometer can be helpful for your personal needs? And how can you best use it to maximize your safety and the safety of everyone around you? Here is a list of scenarios in which a handheld thermometer can best serve you:

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It’s the best infrared thermometer for the food service industry

Thousands of restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops are reopening their doors to customers in the coming weeks. The shutdown has left many people out of work, which means that many stores will have a rush of customers desperate to return to normalcy, and employees trying to catch up on a few months of missed work. This means a potential for sick customers who will go out while sick just to be outside, and employees who will work while sick because they need the money.

While it may not be in the best interests of your store to be measuring the customer’s temperature when they arrive, you can still measure the temperature of your employees. This ensures that anyone who tries to work while sick can be sent home to recover, protecting your customers and other employees. The accuracy and speed of the Thermosense Infrared Thermometer makes this easier than ever, and means that it is the best infrared thermometer for the food service industry.

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It’s the best infrared thermometer for your baby

Not everyone has the luxury of being able to stay at home during this outbreak. Some of us have to continue working, putting ourselves and our families at risk. Illness is a constant concern for parents, even without a pandemic, and your baby is no exception. Your child may be able to stay at home, but there is always a risk of you bringing the virus home to them. If this happens, you want to be ready as quickly as possible and this is where the Thermosense Infrared Thermometer comes in.

As the best infrared thermometer for your baby, Thermosense can help you to detect and monitor changes in your baby’s temperature. And with the ability to store 32 temperatures, along with the threshold alarm so you never miss an unusually high temperature, the Thermosense Infrared Thermometer will make sure that any little changes will be read by you easily and quickly.

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It’s the best infrared thermometer for adults

Children and businesses are not the only victims of this outbreak. In fact, the most at-risk group of people is the elderly. Millions of elderly men and women are stuck in high risk nursing homes or at home unable to see their kids and grandkids. This also affects the adult children who are now unable to visit their parents to help with chores, groceries, cleaning, and other basic needs.

With the Thermosense Infrared Thermometer, you can now safely check and monitor the temperature of your parents, making sure that they can be rushed to the hospital if needed. You can also use the Thermometer as a safety net, ensuring that your adult child isn’t sick and at risk of infecting you in your home. The Thermosense Infrared Thermometer can also be used in this way in the nursing home, where caretakers and nurses can track their patients temperature. This is of vital importance in nursing homes where the infection can spread rapidly to those most at risk. This all makes the Thermosense Infrared Thermometer the obvious choice as the best infrared thermometer for adults.

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 I hope that this thermosense thermometer review has successfully conveyed why the Thermosense Thermometer is the best infrared thermometer for all aspects of your life. You have learned about its accuracy within 0.3 degrees Celsius. You know about it’s easy-to-use design and the clear LCD screen. You can use its lightning fast 0.5 second response time, as well as its other features mentioned above, to quickly and safely conduct your business, and life, in a way that brings you peace of mind. In these uncertain times, you want a product that will deliver impeccable results, and this infrared thermometer is just that: impeccable. The Thermosense Infrared Thermometer is guaranteed to give you the accuracy, speed, and ease of use you expect from a healthcare product.

Now that you know all of the facts, I hope you go out and get a Thermosense Infrared Thermometer of your own! Not just because of this review, but because you know that you and your family’s safety is of the most importance. In order to outlast COVID-19 in the safest way, we need products like this for our own peace of mind, and for the peace of mind of everyone around us, because we are all in this together. I hope that this Thermosense Thermometer review has given you the tools to make this possible.

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