Being on a mission to educate, coach, mentor, and consult with entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses to reach their desired goals, CEO and founder Jessica Barnes built S.W.a.G. Consulting.

With a double major in criminal justice and psychology, she proceeded to law then later earned her Juris Doctor degree. Jessica is not your ordinary life coach. She combines her background in business, psychology, and law to help professionals and entrepreneurs take full control of their business and their life and succeed. For her, many entrepreneurs know where they are headed. They already have a vision in their head on what they want to do and what they need to do to succeed. However, along the way, they get stuck, and that is where she comes in—to block what is holding them back to pick themselves up to be on their way to success.

Many entrepreneurs are wired to believe they should take on the world alone. They dig in, work hard, and are determined to be self-made; but they are missing one crucial thing. That is, there is an advantage in getting someone to look from the outside in. She goes from determining weak points to objectively suggesting things to improve on, and most of all, holding them accountable for their goals.

An experienced coach like Jessica, who has more than 15 years of experience in business, has seen businesses grow throughout every stage. She has seen the pitfalls, mismanagement, and has already figured out what the challenges are in every step. Many entrepreneurs will never consider seeking advice from coaches because either they have it all figured out or they think they should know everything about their business. But those who choose otherwise have been successful since.

On top of her incredible academic background, she has diverse business experience and a top track record of working with high-level executives in the Department of Homeland Security, GSA, FEMA, and multiple agencies within the Department of Defense as a federal employee and contractor. She then transitioned to the private sector, where she would work sourcing, writing contracts, negotiating, and managing vendors for the number 1 distributor in their market, a company with revenue totaling $18 billion. In more recent years, she began working with clients in the NFL and Entertainment industry.

Her main goal at S.W.a.G. is to help clients reach their full potential personally and in business, and for years, she has already proven herself in helping her clients get their desired success. As Jessica puts it, S.W.a.G is where,  “You see it, you want it, and with my assistance, you get it,” she says.

She does it by implementing a mix of business savvy with what she likes to call, Dream Designer. This program includes courses, coaching, and services using intuitive development. Moreover, S.W.a.G. brings an energizing, fresh, and new perspective, creativity, and out of the box strategies to its clients. 

With Jessica and S.W.a.G, there is no dream that any entrepreneur can’t do.

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