There are many things that no one learns in school. There are day-to-day things that adults go through that children are not taught in school. Indeed, there are areas such as taxes, credit, saving and others that no high school graduate knows of. This is why the education system is failing.

Stephen Liao is a celebrity consultant and an expert in credit and investing. He got into this business after he realized the education system had failed him. His parents are immigrants from Taiwan and China, and he was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. While he went to public school, he interned for Apple, GE Corporate, and GE Digital, before turning 18. 

Nonetheless, he graduated with a low GPA from high school, he went to University of Cincinnati for two semesters and then transferred to Stanford for two semesters. While at college, he founded the social media tech startup Moves Inc., which received 20 million daily impressions on platforms such as Snapchat. When Stephen turned 20, he dropped out of Stanford and focused on what he was learning from his startup, as well as specializing in travel hacking and gaming the credit card system. 

“Over the next year, I got over 200 credit cards, built over three million dollars in credit lines, and traveled to different cities for meetings. Along the way, I learned how to do ultra luxury things like private jets, yachts, and mega mansions for cheap. I also started working with influencers and building their credit, which helped build my following.” Stephen shares.

Every day, Stephen leverages his own credit lines to invest in different businesses, not limited to real estate, oil, funds, and some startup projects. He also does consulting for top celebrity clients such as Lil Pump, Tai Lopez and Vitaly. Stephen also has some free courses on credit that he shares through his webpage.

“I was motivated to get into my business because I was really bad at school. I am very goal and completion driven, but when I was in school, I wanted to travel the world and take advantage of the 80 or so years we have on this earth. I was lucky enough to have interned with companies like Apple and GE, and see what school was preparing me for to see that I didn’t want it.” Stephen says.

After seeing that what the education system was suggesting for him was not what he wanted, Stephen had to find a different “WHY.” And that big motivation for him was being able to change and improve the current state of education and its system.

“I love education and learning, I just hate the system. A lot of people stop learning the day they graduate or leave school, and that alone is a failure of the school system.” Stephen believes.

Additionally, Stephen sees that everyone is different, which is why not every curriculum works for every person. He thinks it is as if a doctor would prescribe the same medication to everyone, which would be malpractice. Likewise, prescribing the same education to everyone is malpractice.

Stephen can grab people’s attention on Instagram and influence them with his ideas about education and the flawed system. He can pivot his followers attention to what he considers important. Similarly, we ourselves can be influenced by what we see.

“Listen to the people that are doing what you want to do.” Stephen advises.

Stephen also advises to prioritize having the right mindset and learning to trust your gut and mentors. Moreover, he advises to “just do it. The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, next best time is right now.” He thinks that people need to eat, live and breathe their business, and keep going.

“It is also important to note that fear, although it is irrational, it is also important. It helped drive me and push me forward when I dropped out of college. I feared embarrassment and shame, and feared that my family would laugh at me. They probably would not have, but just the thought of that kept me going.” Stephen says.

For Stephen, success is having a good balance of wealth, health, love and happiness. The latter is the ultimate determination of success, though, because no matter how much wealth, health or love you have, if you are unhappy, it may not be worth it. 

“My next project is making a big enough boom in the media space to get everyone’s attention on education. I am currently talking to a couple of states on their education policies and working on implementing more modern ways to educate.” Stephen shares.

To follow Stephen’s push for a better education system, and also get to know more about luxury travel and credit, go here.