While many influencers and celebrities have been using their platforms to advocate for doing good during these trying times, not many have been proactively helping the causes they support. However, Kinsey defies the norm. The blonde beauty is putting philanthropy first and prioritizing being a champion for human rights issues all around the world – and we need it now more than ever. Kinsey is getting creative with her activism and challenging her followers to donate to the crisis in Yemen in exchange for an entry into a surreal contest she’s holding. She’s doing what no influencer has done before, and her fans are – quite literally – in for a wild ride.

“OK, so I know there is so much going on in the world, which is honestly so heartbreaking. And I’ve tried before putting swipe-ups for people to donate, and it doesn’t always get the response that I want. People sometimes need incentives, so I really want to help and I want your guys’ help, so I’m going to do the most insane, crazy stunt possible, and we’re going to raise money for Yemen,” the social media sensation, who boasts 3.7 million Instagram followers, explained on her Story. “OK, so I don’t have any tattoos, you guys. I’m going to get my first ever tattoo, of one of your guys’ names, on my body. I’m going to get your name tattooed on my body while I’m in freefall skydiving. So not while I’m in the plane, while I’m in freefall, I’ll get your name tattooed on me. I’m going to FaceTime you in the plane, and I’m going to shout you out on Instagram.”

On Monday, June 22, the Club House member will take to the skies and show her dedication to the cause in the most jaw-dropping way. “Let’s raise money for a good cause, come together, but also give you guys incentives. This is going to be so much fun,” Kinsey said of her fundraiser, which will benefit UNICEF. “Hopefully we can raise a good amount of money, I really want to help, and I’m trying to think of a way to get you guys involved, to make you want to, so let’s do this. I have no tattoos and I’m so excited to get one of your names tattooed on me. Let’s go!”

To enter this once-in-a-lifetime contest and put your name in the hat for a rare opportunity, click here to subscribe to Kinsey’s OnlyFans page, where she is hosting the competition. All the donations are on her page, but it’s as simple as this: Pledge a donation of $50 to UNICEF in support of the Yemen war crisis, and enter to have your name tattooed on Kinsey while she is in freefall after jumping out of a plane. Extra perks include an intimate FaceTime with Kinsey from the plane, and an Instagram shoutout on her megapopular account. Get ready for take off!