Many of the traditional companies that have held firm trust that the conventional ways of doing operations have maintained the belief that best results are mostly a product of work done within the company. They believe outsourcing marketing is not an effective answer. This has changed in recent weeks with the emergence of the Coronavirus pandemic and the need for many businesses to close their offices and work from.

It turns out for many outsourcing is a viable and highly beneficial option for their growth and success.

Staff Outsourcing have been providing solutions for outsourcing for a long time now and even though this pandemic is recent, I understand the issues that outsourcing can cause for businesses not familiar with it. So, avoid these outsourcing marketing during The Coronavirus pandemic

1. Assigning Too Many Tasks

When trying to minimize their marketing costs, most businesses will be quick to give all the marketing responsibilities to a team or one person within the company. 

Avoid using this approach when it comes to marketing, even when you decide to outsource it from experts. Do not overwhelm your team of outsourced marketing professionals with all your business’ marketing tasks.

2. Outsourcing The Wrong Things

Avoid pushing the marketing agency or professional to do the wrong thing. If you are hiring outside expertise, then all the guys you bring in to have the right tools, resources and for them to do what they know best.

Nonetheless, ensure that you monitor their activities to ensure that they are in line with the marketing success of your company. Therefore, you should discuss your style of doing business, the company’s culture code, and other requirements regarding your business’ marketing needs and goals before you allow the process to start.

3. Unrealistic ROI Expectations

Set realistic and attainable objectives when entrusting the marketing of your business to an outside marketing team or agency. Never assume that all your woes with marketing will be solved by outsourcing and thinking that you will need to participate in the marketing decisions actively.

Remember that a significant part of any marketing is to create and further brand awareness, coupled with establishing a firm consumer base and customer loyalty. Set your marketing expectations around such goals.

4. Lacking Basic Knowledge

In as much as you want to get the most bang out of your buck when outsourcing your marketing needs, it pays to have a clue of how marketing works. If you are not familiar with it, then how will you evaluate the results and determine if you are getting your money’s worth?

Therefore, gain some basic knowledge about the critical areas of the marketing you are to outsource to understand where you need to focus on and the improvements required. Ask the marketing agency or expert to give you feedback on the best practices and reports of the results.

5. Not Evaluating

Even if you have the best marketing professionals on board, you still must evaluate their work regularly. You must monitor their progress; understand the impact their input will have on your business and your projected goals.  If you note improvements in your sales, or did you lose a few customers? You need to gauge the impact of their marketing practices from time to time so that you are sure everything is pointed in the right direction.

6. Hiring The Wrong Team

If you hire the wrong people for the job, then you should be ready to make losses. Do not be quick to think that the professionals that demand low compensation are a cost-effective solution. They are most likely going to dent the prospects of your marketing efforts growing your company. Therefore, do your homework; research who you are to hire. Make sure they are smart, reputable, and experienced marketing outsourcing professionals.

7. Hiring Professionals With No Potential For Growth

Take time to consider the knowledge and growth of the person you are to hire; what are their prospects of growth outside their agency? How well to the value the same issue regarding your company? For your business to grow, it needs the right team, people that will help it grow. You, thus, should hire marketing specialists that have the desire to grow in their profession.

8. Lack Of Communication

Not furnishing the outsources with adequate information to help them execute their mandate is another mistake that you should avoid. You must give feedback about everything concerning the marketing aspects of your business by maintaining open channels of communication. Be frank about things, whether you are dealing with positive or negative feedback. It all is essential in making improvements where necessary.

9. Not Budgeting

Before you outsource the marketing, make sure you understand the costs involved in bringing onboard outside experts. You will know the much you are willing to spend and be able to avoid outsourcers that charge exorbitantly. In your budget, you also need to set some extra money aside for the unexpected.

10. Not Communicating

Do what you can to stay in touch with the outsources before and during their work. Set some grounds for how you would want them to work, the rule that must be applied to their roles, and the need for them to keep you updated. Such policies will help avoid unpleasant situations, and undesired outcomes since the outsourcers understand what is expected of them.

Take note of the points discussed above if you are thinking of outsourcing your marketing. Please share any mistakes that you feel are worth highlighting and were not mentioned above. We look forward to hearing from you.