Our world is constantly changing and keeping up with current trends is an incredibly difficult task to master. Entrepreneurs Ryan Pownall and his partner London Summers, on the other hand, have made a career out of keeping on top of trends and mastered social media.

“The key to the agency’s success has been attested to its ability to keep their finger on the pulse of the culture, while continuing to look for ways to scale its product offering to whichever way the market attention shifts.” Explains Ryan.

For Social Giveaways, the real currency of the day is attention. If you can capture people’s attention, you can get very far with your business. Ryan and London took this idea and ran with it. They created their company, Social Giveaways, which helps celebrities with global marketing campaigns to give people and brands the opportunity to get global exposure and recognition. The core value proposition of the agency is: to grow their clients social reach, invest in their digital real estate portfolio and the impactfulness of their brands overall online presence.

“Attention is the currency that is monetized by smart companies that have built their online presence by investing in digital real estate. The attention may be directed toward the screen in our hand, but when you break it down the prime real estate is accessed through two places: social media scrolling (mainly Instagram) and the Google search bar results.This is the best time for businesses to migrate onto digital platforms and form new digital strategies. Social Giveaway’s help navigate companies through that process.” States London.

The beginning of Ryan and London’s business was not easy. The two entrepreneurs are very young, and many people had trouble trusting the process of Social Giveaways. The two had to use their own social media as an example for others to understand their processes. They proved to people that they could attract social media attention, and eventually people trusted their process.

“Initially it was a bit difficult to convince clients to spend their precious marketing dollars when there is no direct correlation on ROI that can be tabulated. By using our own personal brands as examples of what Social Giveaways can do for its clients, we grossed over a quarter million dollars in revenue in the company’s first 6 weeks of infancy.” Says Ryan.

The two men, by proving themselves to their clients, continued to make a name for themselves by being aggressive and pushing for their company. Their business was a risky one, but the two made it possible by monetizing attention and creating a sense of urgency and priority around building a social media presence.

“We made a name for ourselves by being aggressive, we wanted to book a six figure influencer right away, going small never appealed to us. Some may consider that a lot of risk when you’re trying something out, but we were confident we knew the demand was there. No time for nickel and diming when you have to move fast, cut cheques and sign talent fast. Everything is very fast on the internet, memes go viral, news travels fast, etc. You have to keep up and that requires you to make decisions very fast, we know we got our name out fast by the amount of DM’s we have to sift through.” Exclaims London.

Though the pandemic has been harmful in other ways for the business, it showed people that the internet was crucial to attracting people to business and that the internet could play a huge role in consuming content for every kind of business out there. The mom and pop shops can even adapt to the internet as well.

“Covid was the tipping point that has increased the velocity of that shift in consumer behavior. When you can only get some things online it becomes a habit you may want to continue after the stores are back open. The convenience will appeal to others that may have never tried to order something online and were simply forced to try something new. Half the battle is getting a prospective customer to try to make that first purchase online outside their comfort zone. And by doing so they may adopt a new consumer behavior that becomes habitual. We’re betting on that and so are our clients. Mom and pop shops  depend on foot traffic. This might not be the last pandemic, it is a wise investment to claim digital real estate while it is still cost effective.” Advises Ryan.

Ryan and London are trying to stress the power of the internet and how to make it useful for achieving the recognition that people deserve. If you want to find out more about the two entrepreneurs, you can check out their Instagrams @itsryanpownall and @londonsummers. You can check out Social Giveaways’ Instagram page @socialgiveawaysofficial.