Smiling Rocks Gives the World “A Reason to Smile”

New York City– After decades of enduring steep prices, dubious sourcing and the environmental ravages of diamond mining, consumers and jewelers alike can now choose to buy from Smiling Rocks – a start-up jeweler offering lab-grown, sustainable diamonds and diamond jewelry that will benefit charity and create a network of giving and activism among consumers.

Targeted toward Millennials and Gen-Z, Smiling Rocks offers exclusively designed collections Bridal, Pink and Blue Lab Grown Diamonds, Essentials and Fashion Jewelry in 14K/10K white, rose or yellow gold. To ensure that the Smiling Rocks line of jewelry is accessible luxury for all – and to help cultivate a community of like-minded consumers – its founders commissioned a number of affordable pieces that start at $400 with 10% of each sale being donated through Consumers’ Choice of Charity to the Smiling Rocks Foundation. 

“Our goal is to build a chain of smile by connecting beautiful jewelry with environmentalism and philanthropy. It does not cost much to give back to one’s global community,” said Zulu Ghevriya, Co-founder & CEO of Smiling Rocks. “Smiling Rocks is an embodiment of our dream and lifetime mission. We set out to create jewelry that people can wear with pride. We have always wanted to launch a brand that traces through time and not only benefits our business and the customer, but different communities.”

Smiling Rocks was founded by Manish Jiwani and Zulu Ghevriya, both 20-year veterans of the jewelry industry, to ultimately bring smiles and contribute to a better and brighter world. To that end, they proudly offer customers socially and eco-conscious laboratory grown diamonds and diamond jewelry that seeks to make a positive impact on the earth and its inhabitants. 

Consumers who purchase the Smiling Rocks collections can register online, designate where their 10% percent is spent to different charity sectors the foundation supports, monitor how the Smiling Rocks Foundation has allocated funds (including a regular third-party audit) and join a community of like-minded individuals online.

In addition, Smiling Rocks has launch a Carbon for Carbon initiative whereby the Brand will research the amount of CO2 produced by one human cycle which will be offset with the amounts of trees that need to be planted to improve the environment impact of unnecessary carbon usage.

Lab-grown diamonds are aesthetically no different than mined diamonds and are comprised of the same physical, chemical and optical composition. In addition, they routinely cost 30-40 percent less per carat. A recent study by the IGDA has found that millennial consumers aged 21-40 are increasingly interested in lab-grown diamonds – especially for engagement rings. In addition, nearly 70% of consumers would consider a lab-grown diamond over a mined stone.

The co-founders’ dream is to refashion the industry by offering affordable luxury as a means of making the world a better place. Each Smiling Rocks collection features unique designs that combines looking good with feeling good.


About Smiling Rocks

Smiling Rocks is a lab-grown diamond jewelry brand whose main priority is to generate smiles by creating a philanthropic community of consumers. The company addresses market demands for ethically-sourced, environmentally-friendly and philanthropically-driven commerce within the diamond and jewelry industry. Ten percent of the distribution cost of each Smiling Rocks purchase is donated to the Company’s foundation, which allows Smiling Rocks customers to designate their choice of charity. For further information please visit,, and

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