Burnaby, British Columbia – When Shaun Francis co-founded “Mortgage Alliance Bespoke Lending Solutions” with his business partners, he never anticipated that it would grow as quickly as it did. It turns out that the demand for mortgage consultants and financial advisory services is greater than he thought. 

“My clientele list ranges from couples looking to purchase their first home to business owners looking to purchase a new piece of commercial property,” said Francis. “It is amazing how many first-time property buyers have trouble obtaining mortgage loans from traditional lenders because of all the guidelines and restrictions they put in place. I am fortunate to have a vast network of lenders which each have their own set of guidelines. I simply match up clients with lenders who have guidelines they can meet.” 

Customer satisfaction is only part of the reason why Bespoke Lending Solutions has grown so quickly. Francis built a referral network for his company that recruits members who are willing to refer new clients to them. This makes it easier for the company to expand its reach to new clients.

“It is important for any consulting services company to recruit a large network of individuals who can assist with developing and expanding the business,” Francis said. “These individuals assist with our marketing efforts by referring our services to other people. Whenever a referral becomes a new client of ours, we pay a commission to our colleague that sent the referral our way.”

In the beginning, Francis used local advertisements and search engine optimization for his website to attract new members into the network. Now he has turned his attention to social media ad marketing campaigns. Francis operates a Fan Page on Facebook for his company, which helps build his network somewhat. But it is the Facebook Ads campaign that really drives the traffic.

“It is important to utilize all the marketing tools that are available on the internet,” Francis said. “Building a referral network means that our marketing efforts will only need to be temporary. Once we’ve built a big enough list of recruits, they will refer new clients to us on a regular basis. Then we can redirect our budget toward improving the quality of our services. As word of mouth spreads about our services on social media, we will receive even more free traffic.” 

Over the last few years, Francis has certainly built a huge and reliable referral network. Many experts agree that this is the key to driving more clients to a business like this one. There is no end to the number of referrals that can be received. Most of the referrals come from loan officers and lenders of the banking industry who want to help clients that were previously turned down for loans.

Francis now enjoys an impressive and diverse clientele list. It includes real estate developers, builders, investors, homebuyers, and businesses of a variety of industries. Francis offers not only mortgage consulting services, but also cash flow enhancement services and debt management services too. 

“There is a lot of competition in the financial industry,” Francis said. “Our company stands out because we’re expanding our reach by utilizing the power of social media. Not too many other mortgage consulting companies of this industry are doing that.”