Globally-renowned fitness entrepreneur and CEO of Lagree Fitness, Sebastien Lagree, is revolutionizing the home fitness industry with the release of two exciting developments that will continue advancing the Lagree brand. A household name for workout gurus worldwide, Lagree continues to make strides and soar above his competitors with his unbeatable prices and groundbreaking technology, and his two latest additions to the company are no exception. 

In May, Lagree announced the launch of his highly-anticipated Microformer machine, specifically designed to offer a unique workout experience at home that directly parallels a Lagree Fitness class. While strategizing the best way to expand the Lagree lineup and introduce the Micro to the market, Lagree honed in on his expert knowledge to develop a machine that would complement his in-studio options, such as the infamous Megaformer, rather than fuel competition. The Micro offers a large set of innovative exercises that can’t be done on the Mega, thereby providing an incredibly effective and stimulating way for Mega-devotees to try out new moves. The Micro has already been in use for 8 months, and users are reporting that they split their workouts between both highly-regarded machines. The Micro was carefully designed around the Mega, so that there are many different exercises that can be uniquely performed on each. They balance each other out in a beautiful way, and are entirely complementary, rather than competitive. Like the Mega and any other Lagree machine, Lagree fans will also receive an elevated and more hands-on experience when using the Micro in a classroom setting, as trained Lagree instructors will be able to offer one-on-one attention, correct form, and guide users through the most efficient workout. With licensees always on the forefront of the company’s endeavors, the Micro was designed to help chains expand their businesses, as they can distribute and retail the machine to their own clients. Licensees will also have the opportunity to rent the Micro and offer at-home private training and virtual classes, allowing them to engage in profitable endeavors through Lagree Fitness 24/7. Lagree licensees have expressed great interest in the Micro, and their feedback has been positive and appreciatie, as the machine has introduced more channels for growth and financial gain.

The Micro was also specifically developed to satisfy the needs of Lagree Fitness demands as the company continues to expand worldwide. With nearly 500 studios in 30 countries, there still are not enough Lagree Fitness studios in existence to meet the skyrocketing international interest. Thus, the Micro was created to offer an at-home experience replicating one you would receive in-studio. As Lagree and his team are always seeking out ways to curate a well-rounded and holistic approach to fitness and fulfill consumer needs, the company has also since announced the launch of Lagree at Home, their long-awaited app designed to amplify the Lagree Fitness experience. Every machine and product sold through Lagree will have a place on the app where users can better understand how to properly use it. With more than 200 (and counting) video demonstrations geared toward signature Lagree Fitness exercises and other popular workouts, Lagree at Home will offer a completely hands-on approach to exercise in the comfort of one’s own home. Users will be able to customise their own workout regimens, share these routines with friends and family, and engage in a slew of virtual classes. Following a 30-day free trial, Lagree at Home will be available for $4.99/month and allow Lagree fans worldwide to engage in their favorite workouts from any location. 

Leading a globally celebrated fitness company does not come without challenges, but Sebastien Lagree has defied all odds and continues to innovate in ways that set his competitors years behind him. Although he battles copycats on a daily basis and constantly strives to protect all that he has built, Lagree’s empire – which currently holds 80 patents – speaks for itself. With a cult-like following of celebrities such as Duchess Meghan Markle who have vocalized their admiration for his life-changing machines, Lagree shows no signs of slowing down. Known as the Steve Jobs of the fitness industry, Lagree is always and eagerly up to the challenge of meeting demand, and because he thinks 5-10 years ahead, Lagree Fitness’ best years are still to come. 

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