There’s no question that American produces millions of entrepreneurs each year.

However, there are few that are as inspirational, straightforward, and passionate as Sean Castrina. 

The serial entrepreneur, investor, teacher, and speaker, recently released a book titled the ‘World’s Greatest Business Plan’ is the only business plan you’ll ever need. 

The book features 7 chapters, covering what a business plan is, why you need one, and a 30-Day startup game plan. 5 additional bonus chapters give readers even more insight, such as: how to pitch your business plan to investors and partners, the biggest mistakes startup founders often make, and the golden rooms for a successful startup. The end of the book directs readers to further resources and additional training. 

“This business plan actually works and eliminates exercises that are purely a waste of time.” Sean outlines in the first chapter. 

Creating the book was a series of endless changes and ideas, a challenging project due to the desired format. After reading all the business plan books on Amazon, Sean became exhausted at their length and amount of useless exercises they required, providing no actual values to their readers. 

“I wanted a book that was simple and easy to follow. This meant a need for a graphic designer to work step-by-step with me through the entire project. This would allow me to make this the most practical and easy-to-follow business plan book ever written” explains Sean in the book’s acknowledgments. 

Chapters contain insightful quotes from great minds such as Benjamin Franklin, Jeff Bezos, and Mike Tyson, as well as statistics from reliable sources such as the Journal of Business Venturing and Small Business Economics. 

A strong feature of the book is its interactivity. ‘Chapter 5: Know Your “Big 3”’, is one example of this. Readers are given space within the book to write answers to insightful questions, focused on elements that will lead them to a stronger and more focused business plan. 

‘Chapter 6: World’s Greatest Business Plan’ gets down to specifics as readers are invited to outline all the elements needed to create a great business plan, including: why they want to be a business owner, who their competition is, and the team they’ll be looking to recruit to support their business. 

“As the great football coach Herman Edwards famously shared, “You play to win the game.” As an entrepreneur launching a startup, you have only 1 goal, TO SURVIVE. You learn to walk before you run and in the startup world, SURVIVAL is always goal number one.” Sean writes. 

Sean’s outlook on business is realistic and achievable. Another great feature of the book is the ‘30 Day Startup Game Plan’, where each day is specifically outlined in what readers will need to think about or accomplish in order to get on the right path towards their business. This strategy was specifically created to support those working full time on another job, so they are able to balance making a living while supporting their side hustle. 

“I have always found any large or overwhelming project is simpler when you break it up into bite size chunks. As I have heard it said “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” So what I wanted to do was break this business plan into an actual 30 Day Game Plan. This allows you to focus on one specific part of the business plan each day.” outlines Sean.

With the goal of starting new ventures every year, Sean has been the brains behind over 20 companies over the last 20 years. His humour and bluntness, and his ability to capture the attention of his audience, make him highly sought after, including as a guest lecturer at some of the US’ finest universities. He has contributed to high profile business media outlets such as Forbes, Inc., and Money, and hosts his own podcast, The Ten Minute Entrepreneur, which is one of the most listened to business podcasts on iTunes. Along with his new book, he is also the author of 8 Unbreakable Rules for Business Startup Success and The Greatest Entrepreneur in the World. 

For more information about Sean, as well as how to get his book, can be found on his website. Further training in line with the World’s Greatest Business Plan can also be found online. His podcast can be found here