Don’t Blink, You Might Miss Your Shot. 

It’s a chilly day in New York and we are following around social creator and director Roger Rojas. This young and driven goal-getter who grew up in Miami, and is now based in New York is now making a significant impact in his passion-turned- full-time career.

In less than four years, he has worked with influential CEOs such as Cindy Eckert, Grant Cardone, Charlie Walk, Dan Fleyshman, and many others. Although he is only twenty-six years old, he has paved his way clawing to the top. 

Roger Rojas brings a native Miami style and New York edge to his creations. Oh, yeah, and the fact that he speaks fluent Spanish helps too. 

This young Entrepreneur is now known as ‘’The Content CEO.’’ In the past six months, he has been appointed to lead a variety of International and Domestic Retreats as Creative Director for High-Performance Lifestyle Training and Active Escapes Barbados and many more. 

His willingness to travel to any country or city is something that he is proud of. He has a thirst for travel and education, Roja’s says  “ This has helped give me depth and creativity when story telling.”

Yes, he calls what he does, story telling, “Whether I’m shooting photos or videos, editing or curating a campaign, it all comes down to telling a great story that not only captures your eyes, but your heart as well” says Rojas. 

The Content CEO credits social media, for allowing him to showcase his talents and interact with his clients.

But in a world of so many content creators what makes Roger Rojas stick out? 

“Everyone always talks about his content but that’s not the only thing that makes him special” says Frank D’Agostino, Roger’s business mentor,  “It’s his natural ability to adapt to any situation, he makes a room comfortable and calm, he effortlessly directs and his personality is contagious. That’s the reason why all of these high profile companies and individuals want to work with him. He makes THEIR job easier, he can control a room and is never scared to go above and beyond”.

Just last month, he spent his precious time in Guatemala to capture and witness the creation of coffee, and he has been involved in the distribution to the US alongside Gregory’s Coffee. The following week, he went out to capture content for F45 Midtown Nashville to gather stories of his clients and the team on how they are taking over the fitness community of Nashville. 

While briskly walking side by side throughout the streets of Manhattan I turned to Roger who was excitedly filming a yellow taxi zooming by. I asked him:

 “What is one piece of advice you would give to someone just getting started, no matter their age?”

He lowered his camera, looked right at me smiling and said, “Don’t blink, you might miss your shot”.

For more info follow Rojas Rojas:

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TikTok: https://vm.tiktok.com/bERSLM/

Website: www.rogermrojas.com