Robert Syslo is the founder and CEO of Syslo Ventures, an advertising, marketing and production company. Having been through hardships for most of his life, Robert learned how to hustle and thrive.

Robert was born in Lakewood, New Jersey, and after high school he got an internship in New York City with Michael Mailer Films where he was introduced to the film industry. This was followed by having to suffer through the divorce of his parents and eventually being unhappy in college and dropping out. 

“I dropped out and drove across the country to New Mexico. The state offered great tax incentives for film so I felt like I could get in the industry there. I was hired by NBC Universal and the Hilton to film 60 locations around New Mexico and develop ads for those locations, restaurants, hotels, resorts, and so on. Soon after that, I wanted to try my hand at working in Los Angeles and ended up moving there.” Robert shares.

But in Los Angeles Robert found himself in a situation that unfortunately caused him great distress–homelessness. In his search to get out of that unfortunate situation, he ended up working on the islands of Trinidad and Tobago.

“I found a group that I didn’t realize was in Trinidad and Tobago, the last island in the Caribbean. They helped me work every day on what was happening and how I could stabilize myself. I ended up selling my car and took a one-way ticket there. I jumped from island to island between Trinidad and Tobago and Grenada trying to make things right, but I ended up back on the streets with nowhere to go.” Robert recounts.

It was not until Robert was hired by a technology retail store that his life started to turn around. He began to earn some money doing social promotion and design. After a while, he was able to return to the United States where he found exactly what he wanted to do: film and design.

“I got a job with Grant Cardone and everything accelerated from there. I was exposed to the world of high society life, luxury jets, and successful entrepreneurs and business owners. I realized this is what I was missing: business skills. I also got involved in personal development. While helping to film and create for Cardone, I learned sales and quickly became one of the top producers there.” Robert says.

Being surrounded by entrepreneurs inspired Robert to start paving his own path in the industry. After months of meditation, Robert founded Syslo Ventures, an advertising, marketing and production company that nowadays reaches three million people per month.

“We do everything from high-end video production, social media management, and advertising, brand development, training and promotion, and website and graphic design. We currently serve over 350 clients worldwide.” Robert explains.

Robert is currently listed as one of the top business leaders to watch in 2020 by Yahoo Finance. He is motivated to do what he does by the desire to give to people who do not have at hand the resources to make money or grow a brand.

The motivation was to help others communicate more effectively and realize the power, value, and benefits that they have because of their product.” Robert says.

Through his work in advertising, marketing and production, Robert seeks to provide memorable service. He loves art, aesthetics and communication, and mixes all of these together to do what he does. 

“I want things to be experiential and memorable, to stop someone in their tracks and. That’s what I love about this branding and marketing industry. It’s not about buying the $997 product, it’s about building a lifelong legacy that shows devotion to helping others with their products and services.” Robert exclaims.

At the moment, Robert is focused on his upcoming projects, which include expanding his business to more than 12 employees, expanding their training program to thousands of subscribers, and reaching more people across all social media platforms. 

Despite this current situation as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Robert has been one of the few entrepreneurs who has been able to not only keep their business going but also to grow it.

“During the COVID-19 crisis, I saw that some entrepreneurs and high-level businesses started to retreat. I decided to do what I do best: promote strongly, give great service, and close down all aspects of my business. What resulted was the highest and most profitable level of sales and expansion. In April, we had our highest month in sales in the history of the company. In May, we did it again, and in June, we once again had our highest month in sales. All my employees received their paychecks and all customers received excellent service.” Robert shares.

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