The process of buying a car can be a tad bit arduous and not to mention expensive; but, with Price Too Good 365 or better known as PTG365 Auto, everything is made easier. It’s an automotive company that puts a premium on providing clients with a better auto buying experience.

PTG365 was founded by Brandon Medford, Dave Obaseki, and Eric Whitehead back in 2017. Their success in the industry has paved the way for their story to be featured in Forbes Magazine, CBT Automotive Network, and Essence. It even has its own show, “Driven” as a Snapchat exclusive where they sell exotic cars to high-end celebrities. It has since become the most-watched and No. 1 show on the platform.

They had their first office in New York and since then they’ve opened branches in Los Angeles, Florida, and Atlanta. They’ve achieved a great feat despite being relatively new in the industry. Now, they have over 50 employees ready to serve their wide clientele. 

The growth and success of the company can be credited to celebrity endorsements and how they invested much of their revenue back to the business. 

With the hard work and perseverance of the founders of PTG365, they managed to surpass the standards of automobile servicing. The company has sold cars to both ordinary people and A-list celebrities in the country and because they do good business, they have managed to get more referrals. 

PTG365 is an example of how to disrupt an industry. Medford, Obaseki, and Whitehead have managed to revolutionize the automobile world. Their years of experience have allowed them to establish a company dedicated to making the car buying experience exceptionally easy and fast.

And while they specialize in selling affordable luxury cars, they also see to it that they help low-income families buy their dream cars all the while building their credit scores. Brandon always states “We always say a credit score of 800 is better than a million dollars.” Today, they’ve already helped a lot of single mothers and families get their own car. 

The problem for so-long with buying automobiles is that they take a while before the deal is sealed and this is where PTG365 sets itself apart. With their “Monster Deal Alerts”, the customer is given an exciting experience of having their dream car delivered at their doorstep without all the hassle.

And because the company has direct relationships with its manufacturers and other multiple dealerships which is why they can provide a great price for their customers. They also have partnerships with banks and other financial institutions and it gives them the edge of being able to provide same-day approvals and extend financial advising and credit repair services including alternative solutions to help with future finances. 

PTG365 remains to be the number one automobile dealership. It has sold more than 10,000 cars worth over 500,000,000 dollars. When it comes to customer satisfaction, their rate is 100%. The wide-range of inventory makes it easier for car buyers to choose whether they want new or pre-owned cars. Not just that, he’s currently the go-to guy for all new exotic cars. He’s done business with Rich the Kid, Swae Lee, Tory Lanez, Meek Mill, Gucci Mane and many more. 

PTG365 is like a one-stop-shop for car buying services. They have free consultations for their prospective buyers, car insurance, and financial literacy services. And what’s great is that once you’ve decided to buy from them, you won’t have to worry about delivery because they will do it for you. 

The company continues to expand as it opens and provides more opportunities around the country. The three friends share that building a multimillion-dollar business is not easy, it requires dedication, constant learning and “never letting your foot off the gas.” More than that, Brandon always states he wouldn’t have come this far without building a successful team. 

Today, Brandon started his branding, marketing, and consulting company to offer all businesses the secrets to growing a healthy and successful business just like he did.