Ranking the top 8 portable air conditions in 2020 requires multiple research and review efforts in order to compile a best personal AC unit list in 2020, but that is just what happened according to one new consumer health report recently released this summer.

This trend is going to keep going for months and ultimately years, so using a quality portable air conditioner is going to be a worthwhile investment if you live in a hot and humid environment prone to extreme temperature spikes and heatwaves on the horizon.

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Now for the moment all consumers have been waiting for, a detailed buyer’s guide reviewing the best portable air conditioners to use this year.

Ranking the Top 8 Best Portable Air Conditioner Units of 2020

After substantial research and extensive examination and analysis of all the available portable AC units in 2020, the following is a list of the best mini air conditioners with portability and rapid desktop or indoor cooling features to die for this summer. After the rankings of the most popular portable ACs to buy this summer, be sure to check out the consumer health research report for more information listed below.

Without further ado or delay, let’s get into the best portable air coolers ratings and see why these mini AC units are all the buzz during an extremely hot and humid temperature forecast coming up on the horizon this summer season.

Blaux Portable AC: #1 Ranked Mini Air Conditioner in 2020


Blaux Portable AC operates as a cordless device, giving it the most portability on this list. It is incredibly lightweight, and it even includes a handle to bring it from one place to the next. While all of these products function as a cooler, not all of them include the advantage of purifying the air around it as well. Whenever the user keeps it running, the air around it will become cleaner and cooler at the same time.

Admittedly, the Blaux Portable AC isn’t quite as big as some of the other products on this list, but it does offer features that others don’t of this size. Though it is priced at a bit higher than other AC units on the website at $125, the price is worth the extra features that it offers. Blaux has slowly progressed to become a big name in portable ACs, which is how their Wearable also made it to this list.

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BONUS: Blaux Wearable AC Personal Air Filter Fan


While the Blaux Wearable AC technically is considered a portable cooler, it is a bonus to this list because it is the only one that is worn, rather than remaining stationary. It offers the same purification as many others on this list, but while it hangs around the neck of the user. Consumers can wear it anywhere they go without having to hold it in place at all.

Every Wearable AC by Blaux costs about $70, so it is more cost efficient than the other products. Plus, since the cooling fan blows directly on the user, there’s no risk of not being close enough to the user to get the relief.

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Ultra Cool Mini AC


Like other devices on this list, the Ultra Cool Mini AC cooler provides a three-speed fan, cleaning the air as it cools it. The device is compact, and it can be plugged into an electrical outlet or USB port to keep it charged and running. Ultra Cool Mini AC needs water to run, allowing it to create a more humid room to keep the room chilled with the thermostat control.

This trending portable AC product is a small model, which means that consumers should expect to cool a small room like a dorm or office with it. However, it is portable enough to be used outside as well for $99.

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UV Cooler


UV Cooler uses both water and ice to keep the air cool, while pulling toxins and bacteria from the air while it cools off the space. Beating out the other two devices on this list for longevity, the UV Cooler can keep running for up to 12 hours after being fully charged. With this lasting battery, consumers can keep the cooler running overnight or all day long.

With the water basin, the bacteria that is absorbed through the air gets trapped. However, to keep it from being circulated back through the room, the UV light neutralizes the germ while in the water, and then the clean air is pushed back out. With the futuristic look, consumers can add a little piece of functional decor into the room for $90.

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ArcticBreeze offers three functions in one – it helps to clean the air, it cools off the room, and it increases humidity. With a 380mL water tank, consumers can refill it to keep the support going. However, that reservoir doesn’t keep consumers from being able to move the device to other rooms. If on a low setting, the user will be able to remain unplugged for about 8 hours before it needs to be recharged. However, when running on high, that longevity drops down to three hours. While ArcticBreeze doesn’t need to be plugged in during operation, charging it is necessary whenever it is off to make sure it performs adequately.

This mid-size version is helpful for individuals that want to cool off a room that is small to medium size, so it isn’t quite as lightweight. Still, it is available for $100, which is a little less expensive than the Blaux option on the list.

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AirFreez Air Cooler


AirFreez Air Cooler is a bit smaller than some of the other devices on the list, but that doesn’t mean it is less effective. With the evaporative water filter, the device is able to humidify the air while the room is chilled. The multi-functional model is best to cool small areas, like a desk space or a small bedroom. It isn’t meant to cool off larger spaces.

Still, the system is easy to use, only requiring that the user add in water, plug it in, and allow the room to become chilled. For $90, it still costs much less than other models on the market of the same size.

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CoolAir is a small personal cooler, and it provides up to eight hours of coolness, thanks to the small water tank. Consumers can plug it in with the USB cord, and they can even choose from three fan speeds to customize the experience. With seven mood light colors and different light settings, this device offers both performance and ambiance that can last through most of the night for $90.

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CoolWind provides the portability that got every other product a space on this list, but it also has several different options for connecting to a water supply to charge. With the large water tank, consumers can use this rather small device to last through about 8 hours of coolness, paying just $99 to get the unit.

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How the Best Portable AC Air Cooler Unit Rankings Work


In order to bring a varied list to this list, there are certain factors that played a role in the rankings. One of the biggest factors was the amount of space that the coolers could handle, based on the BTUs. Most of the portable AC units were between 8,000 and 14,000 BTUs, which means that they could cover a space of 200 to 50 square feet, and this list includes a range of sizes.

The cooling power also played a major role, since there are some models that offer more output than others. Even though all of these devices have the ability to be portable, there are other features that we wanted to consider in our rankings as well, like a lightweight design or rolling wheels to help it move. Most of these devices (if not all) have some way to also control the speed of the included fan, ensuring that every user has a way to create the cooling experience they need at any given time.

While appearance may not be a part of the performance of the cooler, it still mattered to the rankings. After all, no matter how high-quality or effective a cooler may be, this list didn’t want to recommend a product that would be an eyesore in any home. With coolers that function well, look futuristic and sleek, and aren’t very noisy at all, these rankings should be helpful to consumers that are trying to decide on a solution for the heatwaves ahead.

Price and the value of the product under that price were contributing factors. Most of these products on the list are around the same price, even though there are some units that could cost well over $600. However, the products on this list still manage to offer the performance that users want for much less. There are also invaluable resources to research online, including a detailed consumer health report guide from Advanced Living about how portable air conditioners work and how they reviewed over 25 different personal AC units.

Additional features that were considered in these rankings included:

  • How the cooler was powered (battery, charging, plug-in)
  • The presence of a filtration system (using UV or other sanitizing features)
  • How the AC humidified the room
  • Special features, like LED lights or remote controls
  • How energy efficient the cooler was
  • Warranty coverage

How Do Portable AC Air Conditioners Work?


There are many ways that a portable AC unit can create the cool ambiance in a room to help consumers get relief. The most basic units offered circulate air with just a fan, but there’s no new cool air that could majorly help the user to beat the heat that they’re facing. The majority of the products on this list focus on taking their performance a little further, using a variety of cooling systems, like a condensation evaporative system with a water tank and a filter.

Portable ACs vary greatly from a traditional AC unit, which is usually built into the home. An air conditioner of this nature either offers central air (pulling warm air from outside and expelling it as cool air) or a split system (using a compressor to condense the air and circulate it, using an outdoor system to push in the cool air.

A freestanding portable AC is somewhat of a middle ground, using one or two hoses to pull air through the device, which it then emits as cool air. Most of the coolers on this list chill a room with the use of a water reservoir, helping to eliminate humidity from the room. While some coolers require that the user empty out the water, the devices on this list use the water to cool the room, evaporating entirely by the end of their 8-hour performance. These types of coolers are considered to be self-evaporative.

Frequently Asked Questions About Portable Coolers


As innovation, technology, and demand all trend upward for portable air conditioners, there are many questions arising regarding these personal AC units that differ quite dramatically from home central cooling systems or window A/Cs. Here are the most popular commonly asked inquires about the use of mini air conditioners and answers as to why personal air conditioners are blazing their own path this summer of 2020:

What is a portable air conditioner?

While a traditional air conditioner is stationary, a portable air conditioner can cool off a home while being able to be moved. The lightweight and sleek design works with most decor.

How much energy does a portable air conditioner use?

One of the greatest benefits of portable coolers is that they are able to use minimal energy while they are plugged in, and they don’t expend much energy when they are running on their own. A good portable cooler will provide energy efficiency, and consumers can look for the Energy Star logo to be sure. A bad portable AC will cost much more in electricity.

What is a window vent kit?

The majority of portable coolers use a window vent kit, which are an accessory to the device that is made of plastic to connect with the exhaust hose. This kit provides users with a connection to a consistent air supply for better performance. While not every cooler will come with this,

How well does a portable conditioning unit actually work?

While the standard portable air conditioner isn’t really meant to support an entire home, most units are powerful enough to keep at least a single room cool. Plus, since these coolers are portable, they can be moved to any room that the user wants to keep cooled off. A good model will cool a room that is about 500 square feet, which means that a living room, a kitchen, or any other large room should be cooled easily. An average model may cover about 300 square feet.

Is it safe to use a portable air conditioner?

Yes. A portable cooler doesn’t push out any carbon monoxide, and it uses the air around it to cool off the air with water. The only way that this device may not be the best option for consumers is if they live in an area that is known for having a lot of pollution. If there’s pollution in the area, it is possible that the hose will draw in toxins through the hose, if it is connected to a window.

How is a portable AC different from an evaporative cooler?

Both of these cooling units have the same general effect, but they use different procedures to get there. With an evaporative cooler (a.k.a. a swamp cooler), water is combined with evaporation technology to cool off the air. These coolers remain stationary and are common in bigger areas like garages. With a portable AC unit, the device draws in the air around it and blows it out, using water as the cooling agent. Users have to refill the water, but these devices make it easy to get concentrated cool air in a home or office.

How noisy are portable coolers?

No matter what any online advertisement shows, these coolers always have some kind of whirring noise. While there are many incredibly loud models, the majority of good AC units are able to keep the volume to a low hum. Consumers will need to consider this feature with the areas that they plan to cool with the device, though coolers with adjustable fan speeds will be able to bring down the overall sound by switching to a lower fan setting.

Who would benefit the most from a portable air conditioner?

There are many people who might be able to benefit from the use of a portable AC, depending on their situation. For anyone that has a small space that they want to cool, like an apartment, bedroom, or a rented room, then the portable cooler will likely offer enough circulation to keep the room comfortable. However, there are some apartments and homeowners’ associations that do not permit the use of window cooling units, so users should seek out coolers that comply with these regulations.

How much does the average portable air conditioning unit cost?

The cost of a portable cooler will depend on the quality that the user purchases. For low-end models, consumers are most likely looking at between $100 and $200. In the middle, for a unit or average performance, the cost is around $300 to $500. However, for consumers that are looking to cover a space of about 500 square feet, most of these units start around $600 and go up.

When the moisture is pulled from the air, what does the cooler do with it?

The majority of the portable coolers on the market collect the moisture from the air and push it through the back of the unit. If a portable AC has this feature, consumers may be able to use the included pan to collect the water. However, units with this kind of setup will need to be emptied to avoid a spill.

Can windowless rooms benefit from a portable air conditioner?

When it comes to the heat in a room, portable air conditioners all have one thing in common – the fact that the heat needs to be relieved. Windows are the easiest ways to make this happen, though there are other ways that these coolers can accommodate a room. For individuals without a window, it may be best to install a vent or get an exhaust hose that can reach a room that does have a window.

Why Use Portable Air Conditioning Coolers and Personal AC Fans?


By now, the secret is out as to why consumers of all ages and locations are seeking optimal ways to stay cool and comfortable this summer. And, the news about why the Blaux Portable AC and Blaux Wearable AC has already been well publicized this year so far, but what else is there to know why consumers should consider using portable AC coolers and personal air chilling fans?

Children everywhere have been out of school for months, and the hot summer sun is already making temperatures rise. Across the country, there are forecasts in the triple digits, leading to the creation of technology that may offer some help. Portable air conditioners are quickly becoming a solution, and they are increasing substantially in popularity.

The ability to move these coolers to nearly anywhere in a home or office is a distinct advantage, so it is easy to see why consumers are turning to these devices for support. Unlike the noisy window units that some consumers purchase, these devices are quiet, cost-efficient, and effective. The demand is growing for these products, helping thousands of people to be in control of what their body endures as the hottest season on record in quite a while.

Having access to a portable cooler is so much more than a way to get relief. Air conditioners can save lives, keeping consumers from getting heatstroke, succumbing to fatigue, and preventing exhaustion and dehydration. Furthermore, considering the unhappy attitude that so many people get when they get too hot, having a way to relax can make the difference.

With the way that technology has advanced to this point, finding a portable air conditioner that is cost-efficient and high quality is no longer difficult. There’s no need to spend thousands of dollars to buy one, considering that there are many on this list that come highly recommended.

Final Thoughts on the Most Popular Portable AC Units

Could it really be as simple as 1, 2, 3 to gain rapid cooling anywhere you go? The mini air conditioning unit’s chilling technology and innovative evaporative space cooler features are definitely worth having this summer to not only cut electricity costs of central cooling systems at home or reduce noisy window ACs, but provide comfortable environments due to the Peltier Effect of taking heat in the air and turning it into a cool, breezy air flow.


When it comes to choosing a portable air conditioner that actually works, consumers want to find a product that is both cost effective for daily operation and for the original purchase. There are many standalone air conditioning units on the market today, but the way that they save consumers money and are so simple to use is likely the reason that they are gaining a following. As for the Blaux AC units, there are also many consumer reviews of the Blaux Wearable AC personal fan to investigate if still uncertain and need more information on the tech specs. The same goes for user comments on the Blaux Portable AC, the number one ranked desktop air conditioning cooler unit on the market in 2020.

While air conditioning units have been installed in homes for quite some time, consumers are starting to realize how big of a burden that the unnecessary cost actually is. After all, most portable coolers can be found for less than $500 nowadays, while the installation of an air conditioning system in a home can be thousands of dollars. These traditional options can be aggressively noisy, which isn’t conducive to sleep or even working without distractions.

Portability offers a certain amount of freedom and customized performance that traditional coolers just can’t offer. No matter where someone is, they can pack up their care with one of these devices to help them stay comfortable while traveling, camping, or even staying in a hotel.

Research is still ongoing, and it is likely that the increased heat will bring more consumers to these companies to make a purchase. However, regardless of the way that consumers want to cool down, choosing one of the items on this list to make the difference is an easy way to be prepared for any hot weather.

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