Philip J. Schulte is an entrepreneur and published author. His newest book, The Eight H’s; A Young Person’s Guide for the “Real World”, is set to be released in August of 2020. This book is described by Philip as a tool for young individuals which will “provide them with the knowledge they need in order to set themselves up for success in the long run.” Philip and his Father- Philip W. Schulte, co-wrote this book together because they feel these are important subjects which are not typically found in school curriculum. Philip stated, “Throughout high school and my time in college as a business major, these subjects were barely touched on. I noticed when my peers and I entered the real world, we did not feel fully prepared.”

The Eight H’s contains eight topics of focus- higher education, hock (being in debt), housing, health care, being hired and the process of employment, high income investing, hacks (thinking outside of the box), and the concept of happiness. 

“Many of life’s most important decisions occur before you are even old enough to realize the long term effects of what you are choosing to do. These decisions can greatly impact your life for decades- whether it’s a positive or negative impact is a matter of being informed ahead of time”, he said boldly. 

Besides co-owning a media agency based in Los Angeles, Philip works in multiple spaces online in industries such as finance, digital marketing, and e-commerce. Philip plans to use his knowledge in these industries to help businesses and individuals attain growth. Perhaps that is why he is someone you should watch out for this year.

You can keep up with Philip on Instagram.