Emerging as superfoods in recent years, both MCT oil and coconut oil have unique benefits – for brain and body. Find out what each oil exactly is, what it does to the body and most importantly – which oil is best for your needs.

MCT oil vs coconut oil: what are they exactly? 

MCT oil a type of oil primarily used by the brain to boost cognitive function, and the body as a source of energy in the absence of carbohydrates. 

Comparatively, coconut oil is an oil for skin cells repair, as an anti-inflammatory to remedy wounds, in hair cells to restore moisture and by the cardiovascular system to improve blood pressure.

Separated by the difference in their molecular structure, it’s also important to note that MCT oil is absorbed more rapidly – speeding up the rate you see the above results.

MCT oil: what are the benefits?

1. Weight loss + weight management 

Ideal to curb cravings, studies show MCT oil helps the body feel full. Promoting satiety hormones (leptin and peptide YY), after MCT oil you’re more likely to eat less. Interestingly, this specific study compared MCT oil against coconut oil: and when it comes to staving off hunger, MCT oil is the winner.

2. Fuels the brain

Are you intermittent fasting, keto or undergoing a low carb diet? MCT oil is for you. Research shows it provides ketones – an energy source for the brain. As carbohydrates usually fuel cognitive activities such as concentration, decision making and memory; MCT oil supports your ability to think clearly – sans sugar.

3. Enhances exercise endurance 

With academic evidence noting MCT oil boosts energy production, it empowers you to you move faster, lift heavier and stay focused for longer. This increase in your metabolic rate also accelerates weight loss.

Coconut oil: what are the benefits?

  1. Skincare 

Dull, lacklustre skin – coconut oil is here to save you. Clinical studies show coconut oil improves hydration, smoothness, and conditions such as eczema. 

2. Haircare 

Research shows coconut oil can increase protein levels deep within the hair cuticles – giving you a sleek, shiny appearance. This is ideal for those who have damage from stress, diet imbalance, hormonal dysfunction, environmental toxins and heat styling.  

3. It contains MCT oil

As MCT oil is part of coconut oil, some of the benefits above come with coconut oil. However, MCT benefits are to a lesser degree, compared to pure MCT oil.

MCT oil vs Coconut oil: the summary.

You should use MCT oil if: you’re looking for a boost in brain performance, lacking energy, fasting or on a low carb/keto diet. 

You should use coconut oil if: your skin is lacklustre, dry and flaky, or if your hair is lacking shine.

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