It takes vision to identify a good idea, but it takes courage to see that idea through. This is what differentiates Paul Vigario, the founder of SurfCT, from the average person.

When he was studying at the University of Connecticut to get his degree in Management and Computer Information Systems with a focus on healthcare technology, the idea of a full service IT company for private practitioners came up in class.

“Everyone in class agreed it was a good idea for a doctor in private practice to have a full healthcare focused IT department as a resource, but no one thought it could be done. I took that idea and pulled it off, working day and night and starting the business out of my college dorm.” Paul Vigario shares.

In his class, two questions had been asked: could a doctor in private practice benefit from a full IT department? To which everyone responded “yes.” Was it financially feasible for a doctor in private practice to have a full IT department? To which everyone responded “no.”

“I thought, if it was a good idea, why let money get in the way? I went to the local hospital and learned how they did it, and I came back to class and said it was a good idea, that it may not seem possible at first glance but we should never let money get in the way of a good idea. I showed them how to make it happen, and I did it!” Paul recounts.

Today, Paul Vigario founded and runs SurfCT, the number one dental information technology company. No one understands dental technology, digital workflow and practice automation like SurfCT.

“Dentists and healthcare industry leaders look for ways to innovate in the dental industry, but we had already been innovating since 2003. And that’s over 2 decades of experience in dental technology, dental office design, dental systems and innovation where everything is connected” Paul shares.

SurfCT is an award-winning and internationally recognized company. They are a dental information technology company that helps doctors connect and automate everything in their private practice.

“Our ability to automate a practice makes us the technology company of choice for dentists, oral surgeons, orthodontists, optometrists, plastic surgeons, and even veterinarians seek us when they speak to a dentist friend who has shared what SurfCT has done for them.  Our growth has been from happy doctors who have experienced the results of practice automation and practice growth by leveraging SurfCT knowledge and experience” Paul explains.

Paul started back when he was 20 years old, and there was a lot he did not know. That was his biggest challenge when he was starting. But he kept an open mind and was always learning and growing. To this day, he enjoys the journey more than the destination.

“Mindset is everything when you are starting.” Paul says. “At SurfCT we say ‘Everything Is Connected™.’ Some people think we are talking about IT, technology and computers, and we are. But it is more than that. It’s about quality of life, relationships, friends, family, growth and redefining what’s possible.”

Paul’s advice for those trying to start their own business or brand is to do it because you love it, because it is a true passion of yours, rather than for the money. For him, the money is a by-product of doing what he loves, helping doctors and practices achieve their goals.

“If you don’t love what you are doing, it’s not going to happen for you because someone out there will love it and they will beat you.” Paul claims.

This is why SurfCT is the best at what they do, because they love what they do and always work to be number one. That mix of knowledge and execution is special.  They are always growing the brand by taking care of their dentists, doctors and clients. Being client centric and building systems to help those clients is what makes them different.

“There is no comparison with what we do. We build systems for doctors, for the way they want to practice. We change their lives with practice automation. There really is no competition for SurfCT.” Paul explains. “Most private practices before they meet us run like a local coffee shop. With our systems, we turn them into Starbucks. Does Starbucks compete with the local coffee shop owner?”

The next projects for Paul are to continue to focus on SurfCT , helping to expand what’s possible in dentistry, while enjoying time with his family. He loves working with doctors and spending time with his three-year-old daughter. For him, success is about being happy and money is about time. With money, he gets more time, more options and more choices. This allows him to be happy as he is the happiest when he is with his family doing the things they love.

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