It’s often difficult to find one’s passion and purpose in life. Most of us struggle through life without ever finding that purpose. Some of us find it at just the right time and manage to dedicate our lives towards fulfilling that purpose. For New York native Nestor Castro, it took him a while to find his passion and one true purpose. 

He served the US Military with a 12-month combat deployment to Afghanistan. He fought bravely to serve the country, but coming back into society as a civilian proved to be quite challenging for him. He had a natural talent for leadership, and so he went into serving the community as a Police officer for over five years.

Despite doing his best at his job and performing his duties as a member of the society, Castro still didn’t feel a sense of fulfillment. He felt that his entrepreneurial and leadership potential was lying dormant within him. He wanted to tap into his dormant talents, and he wanted to live life under his own terms. Castro had a strong urge to travel the world and make as much money as he could so that he wouldn’t be living from paycheck to paycheck. He wanted to travel all over the world without having to worry about his finances. He didn’t want to live by anyone else’s rules than his own.

Castro was very aware of the current marketing trends. He realized that brick & mortar was slowly phasing out, and everything was converging towards the virtual landscape. So, he dove headfirst into the e-commerce industry and put his dormant potential into good use. Quickly enough, Castro became a successful 6-figure earner within the e-commerce platform. He learned a lot of things as he went, he eventually managed to figure out what works and what doesn’t. After his years and years of hard-earned experience, he brainstormed on ways to help give back to other people in his industry.

He wanted to create something that other people could use as another income stream. He wanted people to have the same opportunities that were afforded to him. He wanted others to experience true financial freedom, the same level of freedom he is currently enjoying now. 

Castro created an agency with 2 of his partners that were also experts in the e-commerce field. Together, they created Dropship Tribe, a one-stop-shop for creating and scaling a profitable Shopify store for other people. Their agency shows the power of e-commerce and grants their patrons a financial leeway to allocate towards their desires, to put it simply, financial freedom, and living by their own terms.

Dropship Tribe thoroughly believes that with the right tools, structure, and mindset that anything is achievable. Castro has made it his mission to impact the world-developing mindset and make a real difference. His philosophy to anything can be summed up into two things: ‘without risk there is no reward’ and ‘not everybody knows everything about a certain subject.’ These guiding philosophies have made Nestor Castro into the successful man that he is today.

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