Gone are the days when you lose so much time thinking when your newly-ordered furniture arrives. More Than Freights is here to make waiting a convenience. The Portland, Oregon-based company is founded by Venezuelan entrepreneurs Andres Rojas and Erick Bustos in 2017.

Despite being a new player in the furniture logistics industry, More Than Freights has ample knowledge and innovation in delivering satisfactory service to its customers. Their ETA notification and real-time delivery truck tracking system brings furniture transport to a higher level of efficiency as well as posing more competition for others.

This is not all so surprising though, as the founders themselves identified the waiting-for-nothing problem back when they were still small-time employees of a furniture delivery company.  They quickly realized that it was a market full of dissatisfied customers. Hence, the idea of the real-time update came up.

The ETA update system allows the customers to expect the product at the right time. In cases when the recipient is not at home, the application will notify in advance say, 20 minutes, to give enough time for them to receive the product.

Both graduates of Engineering, Rojas and Bustos decided to take the risk of giving up everything, fleeing from the unsuitable economic condition of their home country. They only brought with them their hopes of establishing their own future in a whole new place.

With little to no penny left, and having almost no knowledge of English, Rojas and Bustos started their career by washing dishes and serving in fast-food restaurants before landing jobs in furniture delivery. One thing they knew was that they wanted to make sure they were not going to be just another bunch of Latino guys offering delivery services with their trucks.

Now, More Than Freights has already a large group of 10 furniture stores throughout Portland Oregon, and Vancouver WA area. They also work with designers, realtors, upholstery shops, and all other businesses that need constant delivery of furniture from one location to another.

In addition, More Than Freights also provides services on removal of unwanted or pre-loved furniture in case customers need more space for new ones. Donations are also welcome for worn-out furniture that are not in use or display anymore.

The founders have also created a friendly and proactive team equipped to perform any kind of furniture deliveries and assemblies. More Than Freights personnel are trained to deal with any kind of furniture.

The fact that the founders encountered first-hand the problems that they are providing solutions for now, is the reason why More Than Freights’ priority is the client. Apart from delivering the furniture on time and constantly updating the customers, More Than Freights is also committed to protecting the products. The team is equipped with materials to protect the customer’s property as well.

This fresh company shows that modern business is already focused on developing smart and efficient systems while staying true to the virtue of placing customers on top of the priority.