When it comes to marketing and generating more business in the Financial Advisory space, most Consultants default to the old traditional methods of roadshows, door-knocking, cold calling and referrals, some go to the extent of spending thousands of dollars on buying leads and still not seeing any return on their investment.

Advisors go around in circles, and their business stagnates because there is little to no predictability in their growth and in the acquisition of such customers. 

Enter Mike Yap, a 24-year-old Consultant based in one of the world’s top Financial Hubs, Singapore. Mike is the Founder & Head of Growth of one of the fastest growing Digital Consultancy called Miked Up Consulting. 

His approach is vastly different from the traditional ways of prospecting for Financial advisors. His methodology has been used by agents across many big Financial Advisory firms and has changed the way agents are conducting lead generation and marketing activities. 

With his extensive background in marketing, he has developed a proprietary and unique methodology called the “Trust Acceleration Mechanism” that completely changes the way his clients and Financial Advisors conduct their marketing and lead generation for their business. The methodology focuses on helping Advisors accelerate the trust building process through installing systems within the advisors’ business.

Clients that go through the transformative process experience breakthroughs in their client acquisition processes – they are better able to scale their advisory business, acquire more prospects, clients and reduce sales cycles. Some clients are able to generate more than 5-figures in commissions within the first few weeks of working with Mike.

Mike is continuing to set the new standard of marketing and lead generation for Financial Advisors and changing the way advisors’ prospect. 

Today, Mike has his eyes set on expanding beyond the Singapore market and intends to establish a foothold into new markets like Australia and countries in South East Asia.

Company Name: Miked Up Consulting
Contact Person: Mike Yap
Telephone: +65 9456 9601
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.miked-up.co