If you are diabetic, your life insurance premiums may be higher, yet there are a few things that you are able to do to reduce your costs. Insurers are interested in people that live healthy lives. This will not only improve your quality-of-life and the length of your life but it also means you will be less likely to claim on the policy. Making a couple of healthy changes in your life could reward you with insurance that is dramatically cheaper. Visit Medisupps.com to find the best health cover for you.

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The common steps you should be considering to reduce the costs of life insurance with diabetes include:

– Stop Smoking

Smoking will increase your chances of developing type 2 diabetes and can make your condition deadlier along with harder to control. If you are a smoker, giving up is going to reduce the insurer’s risk, which means your premiums will probably also go down. 

– Drink Less Alcohol

If you drink alcohol frequently, lowering your intake of alcohol could also reward you with a cheaper premium. 

– Lose Weight

Diabetics that have a high BMI are also usually charged more for coverage. Working on shedding a few pounds can also ensure your insurance becomes cheaper. 

– Lower Your Cholesterol And Blood Pressure

If your cardiovascular health is good, this gives assurance to your insurer that your condition (diabetes) poses less risks. In rare cases, if your cholesterol or blood pressure levels are too low, ask your doctor what you should be doing to raise them to a healthy range. 

– Report Regularly

When you give your insurance provider regular updates on the way you handle your condition, which should include your Hba1c levels, you can also take advantage of cheaper insurance. This is especially true when you keep your condition under control.

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