Justin Townsend, aka Big Smokey, has created for himself a massive amount of success in a short period of time. Through his efforts, Big Smokey has become a public figure, entertainer,and entrepreneur. Finding his first success in the cannabis industry, Big Smokey became the owner of big-name and award-winning cannabis brands, launching him into a pocket of wealth amid the cannabis gold rush in the US. Afterwards, Big Smokey launched a clothing line, Loud Packs, that has seen endorsement from celebrities and big-name artists alike.

Expanding even further, Big Smokey has opened up multiple successful barbeque restaurants.The young entrepreneur already seems to be on top of the world, and it seems there isn’t an industry he can’t conquer. Now, Big Smokey is breaking into the music industry with his latest business endeavor: Big Smokey Productions.

Big Smokey spent years of his life as the VP of marketing for California Finest and used that

experience to start hosting events with High Times Magazine. Justin would MC main stages at big festivals, trade shows, and events across America. As a performer, he’d hype up crowds of over 30,000. Through this experience, Big Smokey built relationships with powerful people in the music industry, including major artists he worked alongside including Snoop Dogg, MGK,Trippie Redd, Wiz Khalifa, and many more.

Using his extensive network across the music industry, Big Smokey hopes to make Big Smokey Productions a music label that finds talented artists that lack the funds to make a name for themself, and give them a vehicle of growth and success. Using his connections and resources,Big Smokey is able to get big artists to feature on tracks, and expose the artists he manages to important figures in the music industry. The platform Big Smokey has built for himself is massive, which trickles down to his talent.

Big Smokey envisions a “classy label with no limits or boundaries”, and says he will work with all types of genres and artists. The company plans to get publishing deals for its artists through connections with companies like Warner and Empire. Big Smokey wants to put his artists in a position where they will be able to provide for their families, and turn their talent into profitable careers. As the next big move in the Big Smokey Empire continues to grow, you can be sure of great things to come from Big Smokey and his team at Big Smokey productions.

You can find Big Smokey on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/loudpacksjay/

Find more info about Big Smokey Productions here: https://bigsmokeyproductions.com

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Name: Justin Townsend 

Company: Big Smokey

Website: www.bigsmokeyproductions.com  

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