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Lithium Battery Power is headed to Salt Lake City for the largest annual smart energy conference in North America.

LBP at SPI, ESI & North America Smart Energy Week 2019 

Lithium Battery Power
 is attending SPI, ESI & North America Smart Energy Week 2019 to promote their Energy Storage Batteries and Systems, aka solar batteries. This is different from a “powerwall” style unit. LBP sells these Energy Storage Systems to work with in conjunction with solar panels and inverters for a complete off-grid power solution in residential and commercial markets. In addition to providing uninterrupted off-grid power reserves, LBP’s ESS can also be grid-tied for back up, primary, or peak power reserves.

On display in the booth will be a complete off-grid type system which will showcase the quality of the equipment. This Energy Storage System will actually be powering the booth for the entirety of the show. This system is enclosed in one case to be UL compliant and grid-tied for all applications. 

LBP places the highest priority on safety and utilizes the same technology for its ESS (Energy Storage System) products. LBP also offers complete battery customization that others do not, and all products come with a 10 year manufacturers warranty against defects.

Show Dates: September 23 – 27, 2019

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About Lithium Battery Power

Lithium Battery Power differentiates itself from others in its field by providing unrivaled reliability and performance. The company specializes in selling high-quality lithium batteries for boats, RVs, solar panel banks, specialty vehicles and more. To date, they have distributed more than 15,000 batteries worldwide.

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