Kyle Plummer is one of the most successful dropshippers in the world. Dropshipping is the process through which a third party is in charge of shipping the products from a retailer or wholesaler, taking away that responsibility from the retailer or wholesaler. 

Since Kyle was young, he had always been interested in business and envisioned himself as an entrepreneur. In college, he studied marketing because he was not really interested in finance or management. He wanted to be creative and be involved in creating new things and products.

“I have an unbending curiosity for how things work. I’ve also always been great at picking up patterns and trends. All that along with my competitive nature set me up well for entrepreneurship.” Kyle says.

Besides, Kyle did not want to report to anyone, so after working in a 9-5 for many years, he realized he would likely never have the money to do the things he had dreamed of. Accordingly, he decided to start his dropshipping business.

“Dropshipping is the perfect business for people with low capital, like I was at the time. It is a business where you never see or touch the products.” Kyle shares.

At the start, Kyle’s biggest motivation was the idea of achieving financial and thought freedom through business. Kyle had always been independent and seen things differently, and so he wanted to not just live the regular life with the 9 to 5 job. 

“Dropshipping was the perfect business for me. You build a website (which requires no design/coding expertise), add products to your store from wholesale sites, brand them, mark up the price, and create advertising to attract and convert customers. It’s basically affiliate marketing on steroids.” Kyle explains.

But at the start, Kyle also faced many challenges. He feared the unknown and the possibility of encountering failure. He had in his head the idea that you never really know if a business will succeed because at first, all businesses are only an investment. 

“I lost the first $10,000 before I made any money. I was still working a 9-5 job and lost all I had earned in just one night working on my business. This is why mindset matters.” Kyle emphasizes.

In fact, for Kyle, mindset is everything because it is crucial to find your “why.” Kyle considers this to be like going to the gym. 

“Why are you going to the gym? You might be doing it to look good or to stay healthy so you can live a good life. You always have to revert back to why you are doing something when time gets tough. In business it is exactly the same. You will have a lot of problems (some in your control, some not), but if you have that strong ‘why’, you will find a second wind to get through the haze.” Kyle says.

Kyle’s vitality and desire to keep growing and learning from marketing and business is what makes him a successful entrepreneur. This is important because Kyle sees success as a driving force. Everything we do, we do in search of success, and once we’ve achieved it, we will want to achieve something else.

“Success is that split moment where you are content for all the work you’ve put towards a goal, and it is why you have to appreciate the journey.” Kyle explains. “Success to me is almost a black hole and the moment you meet it, you are looking for the next bigger and better thing.”

This success in the case of Kyle translates into true growth, which moves him forward. This energy, which he puts into his work, is what ensures his customers have a good experience working with him. 

“In this business you have to be creative and learn how to engage people. Attention is the currency, and the other big thing is customer support. When a customer has a good experience with you, they might come back, or what is equally great, they may tell someone else. That is how true business grows.” Kyle states.

Right now, Kyle is focusing on helping others achieve the same things he has achieved. He continues to do one on one coaching and is trying to reach and help as many people as he can.

“I created a YouTube channel where I offer free advice for those trying to get started.” Kyle shares. “I was able to scale a store from $0 to a seven figure business in a year all while working a 9-5 job and still going out on the weekends. I can help others do the same.”

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