Julian Kuschner is an Investor, Entrepreneur, and Public Speaker that has directly impacted hundreds of thousands of men and women around the world.

Julian helps people develop skills that range from sales to internet marketing, and he is on the journey of sharing what he has learned with as many people as he can so they too can achieve financial increase and prosperity!

One of the most important skillsets he has learned over his last 9 years as an entrepreneur has been public speaking and storytelling. Even though he dropped out of public speaking in college because he was too scared to talk, he quotes that “When you learn speaking strategies, and speak about what you love, it is easier to push yourself to get in front of a crowd and to share value!” 

The art of public speaking and storytelling is not easy,  but it is a skill set that can help you share yourself and your ideas with the world!  

Firstly, Julian wants you to understand the brain science behind public speaking. This understanding can put you in control when you are getting ready to hit the stage or even when you are preparing for a speech. 

Understand that our mind wants to keep us safe. Your brain is on the same mission it has been on since your ancestors were fighting off saber-toothed tigers together and huddling in caves to stay warm. It wants to keep you safe as possible – even if that means trying to hold you back from tasks that could help you become successful.  

A fear of public speaking was found to be more of a concern than death. Can you believe that? Julian is here to help you overcome your fears and dominate the stage. 

Julian shares with you some tips on public speaking and creating an impact on stage. 

Nervous energy is great. One must learn how to channel nervous energy for your benefit.  The mind will always try to take over and protect you so simply saying a line like “I am excited and ready!”  or “I am grateful to share my value with the crowd!” will help you overcome the fears, and will put your mind in a state of positive, yet most likely still nervous energy. Julian says he still often gets nervous before hitting the stage but tells himself these lines to get mentally ready and to get rid of negative thoughts and fear.  

You should know the room and be familiar with where you are speaking. Arrive in the room early and walk around.  Feel it out even if you have to hold the mic like you are live. Preparation and feeling comfortable are two of the best things you can do to calm the nerves.  

You should know your material. This might sound like the obvious, but lots of people try to go into a speech after cramming the night before or even looking at the material the day of.  Practice your speech and revise it. Your confidence and flow will improve from doing this. 

Know that the audience is on your side. Audiences want you to do well and desire your expertise.  They don’t want you to fail. Understand that people are there for YOU and if you are ready to share value and just be you, people will love it. 

You should focus on the experience. Every time you speak, you are gaining experience and confidence.  Don’t focus on what could go wrong, focus on the experience you will gain no matter what happens. Even the greatest public speakers were once learning and practicing. 

Do pause for effect. Don’t forget to pause and let your main points sink in.  Focusing on doing this can create an incredible impact and lasting impression in people’s minds.  A pause is a silent way to inform your audience that what you just said, or what you are about to say, is important. Use this tactic to your advantage. 

Make sure to position your hands properly. Keep your hands visible to the audience.  It builds trust. Practice this before speaking and try not to swing your hands too much since that can show that you are nervous.  Focus on strategic hand movements with each point that you are making. 

Lastly, BREATHE! First of all, you don’t want to pass out while speaking. Secondly, you do not want the pitch of your voice to change as your struggle for air. Most importantly, you can calm your nervous system down by taking a breath between your points and that will help you keep a consistent flow. 

These tips can help you overcome stage fright and help you give your best speech. But at the end of the day, Julian says it really all comes down to “Just doing it!” 

Over time, you get more comfortable. The thrill of going on stage will get your adrenaline rushing, instead of giving you the feeling of throwing up like so many people get.  

Like Julian said in the beginning, learning how to tell your story on stage and give a good presentation will set you apart in the business world and will give you a huge advantage over people and companies that may be in your same niche.  

“Anyone can start a company or sell a product, but fewer people can tell a great story and give a speech that leaves an audience, clients, and customers in awe.” 

If you would like to connect with Julian, follow him on IG @JulianKuschner.  He lives a very exciting life and is always sharing value and tips on how you can become the best version of yourself!