November 13, 2019


The music industry has started to feel like a drab these days with artists continuously producing run of the mill songs that fail to strike a chord with the audience. Uniqueness, which is one of the most essential traits of an artist, especially a singer, have essentially gone missing. 

But there is a big, shimmering ray of hope emerging from Atlanta these days in the form of a fast emerging artist named Jordan Bolch, who continues to stand out for his distinct voice, soulful sounds and a break from conventionality combined together in one powerful package.

Jordan Bolch burst on the music scene as a solo artist with élan in 2015 through his highly popular debut album named “Slide”. The title song from this album, also called “Slide”, was his first hit track and it immediately caught the fancy of millions of people, converting them into his incredibly loyal fan base.

However, like a lot of artists, it was feared that Jordan Bolch might also be a “One Hit Wonder”, but he proved everyone wrong by continuously producing hit after hit with songs like “Dance Around”, “Prince Charming”, “All or Nothing” & “Lit”. 

To achieve such acclaim and recognition in a career that’s just four years old speaks volumes about the kind of work that Jordan Bolch puts in towards creating each of his song.

Jordan Bolch is just 33 years old and is already being billed as one of Atlanta’s top emerging artists. Everyone who has listened to his tracks is anticipating that he will be one of breakout stars of the next decade, conquering fans globally as he continues on his journey. 

Personal Life:

Not a lot of his fans know the fact that Jordan Bolch is not just an exceptionally gifted artist. He is also a very capable businessman currently holding a position on the Board of Directors of his family run business named RaceTrac Petroleum. 

Operating over 750 gasoline stations and convenience stores nationwide, RaceTrac Petroleum was started by Jordan Bolch’s grandfather, Carl Bolch. Sr in 1979. 

RaceTrac Petroleum is currently one of the biggest privately held enterprises in the United States and the fact that Jordan Bolch is one of the most important men at the helm of this business, goes on to show just how many talents this man holds inside of him. 

Career Overview:

His ingenuity and guile with which he continues to manage his family business is also evident in his music career, where he has built powerful collaborations with some of the best creative directors operating on the music scene at the moment, namely Riche Schwab and Patrick Collier. 

Together, the trio manage the whole creative process of each song produced, from the initial brainstorming phase to the final release. Much of this magic happens at Jordan Bolch Studios located in the suburb of Buckhead in Atlanta and the Auricle Studios, located in Studio City California. 

Jordan Bolch songs begin their initial journey with the song’s initial rendition being played on the piano first in an unadulterated manner. Once he is satisfied with the song’s feel, composition and lyrics, only then he moves on to translate the song electronically. This process is definitely old school but mightily effective and each song on his discography is a testament to this very fact.

Jordan Bolch also heavily invests himself in the creation of an accompanying video to each of his songs, managing each creative aspect like the storyline, conceptualization and execution with deft. 

And despite being a modern day artist, he draws his inspiration from the works of some of the best artists that have graced the music industry. From megastars like Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney to existing musical talents like Justin Timberlake and Timberland, Jordan Bolch has studied the works of each one of them during his learning curve as a budding musician in his heydays. 

Wrapping Things Up:

Till date, he has released a total of 6 albums with the last one of them being titled “Jordan Bolch – The World Tour”, released in 2019. Sitting atop powerful mixes, each of his songs have really catchy music baselines along with incredibly sticky hooks. 

Apart from this, he is also a regular feature at many musical concerts nationwide like “The Battery” & “Imagine Festival” and has plans to soon launch a solo, nationwide tour for his growing fan base. 

Jordan Bolch has already done so much in the fields of business and music at such a young age that his fans are excitedly waiting for what he accomplishes next. This is definitely one artist that you need to look out for and keep a track on as he carries on his journey towards becoming a globally recognizable, true superstar. Jordan Bolch’s music is available on multiple streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, his own personal website, and on his featured apps on Google Play and iTunes.