Jeff Martin, is a career recruitment and training expert, who advises senior management of Fortune 100 and 500 companies on the best hiring strategies. He runs two successful career recruitment and coaching companies, the Jeffrey Agency and University Recruiters.

“When I’m not managing the staffing needs of public figures and celebrities, I run my own recruitment agencies, the Jeffrey Agency and University Recruiters, which handle the staffing needs of some of the nation’s most prestigious companies.” Jeff explains.

Jeff has more than two decades of experience in the field of staffing and recruitment. Today, he teaches strategies for selecting candidates, as well as attracting and retaining the best employees. 

I also use social media as a recruitment tool to attract millennials and Gen Z’ers. My unconventional strategies and passion for recruitment have attracted recruiters from around the world for training and mentoring.” Jeff adds.

Jeff runs University Recruiters, a career recruitment and coaching company. His experience with recruitment goes way back, since when he used to work for large corporate companies, he would use recruitment companies to fill vacancies.

“When I worked for a large corporate company, I often used recruiting companies to help me fill a vacancy. Almost every time I tried to use an outside company, I was disappointed. Their process was outdated, the recruiters who were selling the work knew nothing about it, so I decided to start with University Recruiters and the Jeffrey Agency.” Jeff says.

The first priority for Jeff and his companies was to make sure the recruiters were trained and continued to be trained, which is one of Jeff’s passions. 

“It was important for me to train.” Jeff says. “I empathize that with every call because looking for a job or changing jobs is a stressful time.”

In addition, Jeff has his own peculiar style of doing things. If someone wants to work with Jeff, they will hear things they don’t want to hear–the crude truth. 

The truth is what will make people better.  At the end of the day I want the candidates and the company to have fun and enjoy the process. Now I spend a lot of my time training and helping candidates understand what it takes to get the job they want.” Jeff explains.

It has been the desire to help companies grow what has made Jeff do what he does. By helping companies recruit the ideal people, he is helping people grow their businesses.

It was my desire to really be a partner, not just a recruiter. My passion was to make sure I found the best people, not just the ones who wanted to work and could be trained to get the job, but the ones who really fit in and would be there for the long term. On the other hand, I loved helping people find their true calling. Not just throwing them into a job to make them feel good and write a check, but to help them find a career. I wanted to prepare them for long-term success.” Jeff shares.

But Jeff’s work is time and energy consuming, and that is why he stresses the importance of mindset, especially when others are starting their own business. 

I teach this all day long, it’s my client team. You have to believe in yourself and you can’t worry or ask permission from others. You have to be willing to fail and understand that not trying is worse than failing. You have to be able to get up when you are knocked down every day. If your mind is weak, you are weak and you don’t stand a chance. No matter how your days go, when you wake up it’s a 

new day and you can’t let the doubt from a bad day creep in. The mind is everything.” Jeff explains.

Jeff’s next projects include starting a resume and a LinkedIn writing company. They are doing a cost price so everyone can afford it. He is also launching a LinkedIn training class, which was years in the making.

We have started a resume and a LinkedIn writing company. We are doing it at cost price so everyone can afford it. I’ve ordered the best of the best. I want everyone looking for a job to be on an equal footing. We are also launching my LinkedIn training class, which is going to be huge. Teaching people the right way to use the tool will change their lives and their businesses.” Jeff says.

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