Jeff Simpson Jr. has been an insurance agent since the age of twenty. He, unlike many of us, has found success in multiple types of jobs across multiple industries that have led to his financial success and freedom. For the average person, we try and find one thing and make sure that we are very good at it. For Jeff, he has dabbled in different industries and been able to adapt and make sure that he was successful.

“What makes my story unique is mostly and always the comeback. I had been an insurance agent since the age of 20 or for 17 years. I made a great living. I had always had a passion for the Network Marketing/Direct Sales Industry. I tried several companies in and out over the years. In 2006, I took a break from the insurance industry to dip into the real estate market. I got caught in the housing bubble and unfortunately had to file bankruptcy in 2009.” Recounts Jeff.

Jeff had to overcome many challenges to get to where he is today. He had to conquer numerous obstacles and survive all of the trials and tribulations. Because of this, he wanted to share his story with others to inspire them to not give up on their dreams because if you continue to fight, you will succeed just like Jeff did. He got started in his business to gain time and financial freedom, so he hopes to help grant that to others.

“I started my business for time freedom more than anything. Because of our acquired experience and skillset, we are on a mission to help others. We are in the process of writing our book, which was one of our lifetime goals.” Explains Jeff.

For those who are trying to start their own business, says that conquering your own mindset will be the hardest step, but doing so really changes the experience for you. It is one of the biggest obstacles that he faced and says that it is a big obstacle that many entrepreneurs must overcome in order to achieve success.

“Mindset is also everything. It’s where it all starts; having an entrepreneurial mindset. Go for it and try to build a solid team with people who have certain expertise in the area. Fear to me means not believing in yourself.” Advises Jeff.

For his next projects, Jeff is focusing on paying his success forward. He hopes to keep progressing with his book amongst other things. He is also planning on trying to create new projects to keep building his successes as well as enjoy more of his financial freedom with his wife who has been instrumental in his success as much as anyone and has always supported him through all of the difficult times. 

My wife has been a huge factor in my role of having major success. We’ve been together for 21 years; 19 years of which have been marriage. For me, success means paying it forward and helping others achieve success as well by teaching them how to do it as well. Our next projects are our book, upcoming speaking engagements, personal branding projects, and inspirational events.” States Jeff.

What makes Jeff unique and stand out from the crowd is his ability to always bound back from whatever hardship he is facing. His abilities are what differentiates him from the rest of his competitors in that he is resilient and always willing to try again as well as try new things.

“I’m unique in my business, but also in life. My relationship building qualities are a key component to my success. In 2014, another opportunity arose for me, and I gave it one more shot. It was that opportunity my wife and I Became multiple 7 figure earners in that opportunity. The dream came true!” Exclaims Jeff.

To find out more information about Jeff Simpson Jr., you can follow him on Instagram @jeffsimpsonjr.