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Listening to music has become a part of people’s daily lives. Whether you are feeling happy, or sad, music is right at the tip of your fingers. However, whenever you are listening to music on streaming platforms such as Spotify, has it ever come across your mind what processes were involved in producing the music you are enjoying? Surely, if not all, a lot of people are aware of copyright-related issues, especially with the rise of digital streaming platforms. Fortunately, in 2018, protecting hours and hours of hard work from copyright issues is the Music Modernization Act Law passed in 2018 proposed by BMI and the help of a BMI music publisher, Jay Ye (Jay-Yay)!

A CEO, recording artist, and producer from Washington, D.C., Jason Christopher Long, or commonly known as Jay Ye (Jay-Yay), has made his way from making music to helping in protecting the rights of people in the music industry. Jay Ye started his music career in 2016 with his song “Pull a U on You.” Over the years, Jay Ye has been continuously growing a list of credits to further his music career. Since not every artist gets the chance to open a radio show, Jay Ye considers opening up for The Breakfast Club, one of the top morning shows in the country, New York City’s Power 105.1 FM, one of his significant achievements. 

Aside from producing his music, Jay Ye works with several recording artists in creating top-quality Hip-Hop and Rap music, and opening and producing shows. In 2016, he was featured by Loretta’s Only, a rising artist based in Orlando, Florida, in his song “My Life.” Jay has also produced for Coast 2 Coast instrumental mixtape, Volume 47, the largest artist showcase in the world. To show his support for emerging artists, Jay Ye recently opened for  Breakfast Club, Young M.A., a young MC born in Brooklyn, New York. On July 14, 2019, Jay Ye was invited by Tennessee music artist Ashton Rich, to his “The Real Me Tour,” held in Washington, DC at Smith Public Trust venue.   

Day in and day out, Jay Ye continuously produces and makes music for people, particularly people ages 28 to 34. According to him, his music is more grown and sexy, which makes the age group the best audience for the music he makes. Jay Ye is committed to making music that people can feel unique and confident about themselves. 

Jay was asked what makes him stand out as an artist. Since there is a multitude of artists in the same genre he is in, Jay Ye says that he prides on acquiring Trademark and Limited Licenses. The said license gives Jay full ownership and all the rights to his music—a privilege not everyone is lucky to have.

If you would like to listen to some of Jay Ye’s singles and EPs such as Flugazi, Hella, Invested, and Shinin’ Hard, you may stream them by following him on Spotify