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Everyone likes to find their niche, and the music industry is no exception. Most successful musical artists create a niche in a single music genre that best expresses their personal preferences and inclinations as musicians. They do so, partly, as a response to a specific market demand. With James Luctamar, however, combining unique musical genres to create something beautiful is his life’s dream and greatest asset. 

In fact, whether it’s Hip Hop, Reggae, Dancehall, top 40s hits, or Gospel music, James can effortlessly blend two or three of the genres together and produce a melodious combination that music fans find to be innovative and appealing. 

His natural gift for music has defied boundaries and has paved the way for his exceptional musical creations. James’s most popular hit resulted in over 130,000 likes and retweets on various social media platforms, which only goes to show that James has successfully merged contrasting blends and melodies to create a harmonious new sound for fans to enjoy. 

This New York-based artist is gifted with an extraordinary musical mind that can differentiate notes and separate instruments in a song on the spot. And he does all this by simply listening intently to the song at hand. While doing so, a mashup of sounds and endless possibilities are playing right alongside inside his mind. 

At the young age of only 11, James learned to play music by ear on the piano. As a result, it takes him no time at all to get familiar with both the notes and the melody. His brilliant mind is a symphony of new ideas.

In addition to the piano, James is also in his “happy place” while playing the drums. His exposure to music early in life has given him the capacity to appreciate each genre with a love and tenderness. Truth be told, James admits that he has not met a musical genre that he doesn’t like. He understands and reveres the unique beauty that each genre possesses, and he grasps the endless possibilities each genre offers when entrusted to his musical talents. 

James is committed to elevating his fans’ appreciation of his famous mashups and covers by introducing more of his rare creations in the future. Above all else, James is determined to please his audience, time and time again. 

“Never settle,” is James’s motto. So, as an artist, James is constantly finding ways to improve his craft and refuses to settle for anything less than the best. He always strives for the best results. And to ensure that he maintains his hunger for success, James is currently exploring new instruments and how they can fit into his musical equation. Additionally, he is looking forward to possible collaborations with other artists of all different genres. Combining their musical talents and efforts, James believes, is a way to bridge the gap that exists between different genres to create a type of inclusive music that is all-encompassing. 

With over 10 million impressions and engagements, James is sure to continue capturing new audiences for years to come! It comes as no surprise that music fans across the globe are falling in love with his musical musings and can only expect more in the future.  

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