During this long and arduous fight against the COVID-19 coronavirus, there have been those that generously donated their resources to help their communities ease the impact of the virus. We have seen exposures of public figures promising and granting a helping hand against the global pandemic. Amid the panic of healthcare providers and first responders, prominent figures worldwide have used their platform to spread awareness and donate money or supplies. Social influence by well-known celebrities showed their support for essential workers and staying at home. The pandemic was an opportunity for them to express empathy, act as an example and show socially orientated responsible leadership. Profits and material wealth moved to the background business and allowed the purpose, ethics and general wellness support to move to the frontline of motivational scale. As a nation, those that are less fortunate have relied on those that are capable of helping them to face the fight against COVID-19. 

Celebrities have helped causes within the United States and internationally. Actress Blake Lively and husband Ryan Reynolds donated $1 million dollars to Feeding America and Food Banks Canada. Along with the prominent comedian Jimmy Fallon and actress Vanessa Hudgens also donating to Feeding America within the states. Leonardo DiCaprio and Arnold Schwarzenegger showed active influence through social media as well. 

We could see collaborations of celebrities and businesses that provided their help and support. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Reveal Quarantine Wine together with Nocking Point Wine. To ease supply deliveries, Hollywood actor Ian Ziering and his friend entrepreneur Ignas Jurkonis dedicated over 50 trucks in transporting medical supplies to hospitals free of charge. Unlimited Carrier Inc. is a part of a group of companies operated by CEO Ignas Jurkonis. An Illinois- based nationwide supply chain company that serves Walgreens and other Fortune 100 companies. Their collaboration and taking a part in aiding communities set an example of their values for all employees as well as partners. Unlimited Carrier, along with their CEO, donated their resources to the fight against COVID-19. Ignas showcased his company’s values by doing all they could for their communities in their time of need, setting a standard and example to their business partners and the industry. They were able to execute resource deliveries with the most efficient speed and flexibility that makes their company so reputable. With the help and support of Ian Ziering, Jurkonis was able to provide a valuable delivery system of resources to first responders that needed supplies the most. 

Business leaders, celebrities and influencers greatly contributed to the fight against COVID-19. They had provided material, emotional and social support that helped save lives and treat patients suffering with the coronavirus. Furthermore, their efforts in helping communities have kept populations calm and optimistic. Their contribution has inspired communities and organizations to take their part as well, providing efforts that helped save countless lives during this time of uncertainty as well as bringing a little peace of mind to patients and healthcare workers.