For those who fell in love and got their hearts broken, one of the most painful things to say is not knowing who the person you’ve fallen in love with anymore. Changes are inevitable but unloving someone you thought you knew is hard.

This might be the subject matter of R&B singer, songwriter, and producer Hunter Powell’s EP “I Knew You”. The five-track record shows off his smoky vocals and songs that are perfectly layered with beautiful, R&B,  hip-hop composition produced into chart-topping hit songs. This EP is a fresh collaboration with top American record producer, Bkorn. Bkorn is best known for producing for Travis Scott, DJ Khaled, Chris Brown, Lil Kim, Chinx, Lil Wayne, and many more. 

Although Hunter is an up-and-coming artist, he already had the opportunity to work with Bkorn. Hunter makes and produces his own music but this newest EP is all by Bkorn. One thing is for sure, working with a top producer to Bkorn can take you to places and who knows? Maybe climbing in the charts anytime soon.

He writes songs that come from real situations. For him, the songs he has released are all genuine, personal experiences that are meant to be sung rather than be kept as a memory. With this, Hunter continues to inspire and put out relatable music that everyone loves. He talks about love, heartbreak, the complexities of modern love, waiting for a reply, a love that got away and so much more that this generation can relate to.

Hunter first released his single “Weakness” in 2017 and he has consistently put out more music since then. His latest release was his single “Numb Night” in 2019 last December just after he released his second album “Brain Broke”. And this year, he teases his fans on Instagram that he’s putting out more content soon. 

Last February 16, Hunter teased his newest EP in an Instagram post that shows a photo of heart-shaped baby blue petals. Hunter also released an exclusive look at his upcoming EP on his Instagram and shares a 30-second version of one of the tracks. It starts with a stirring piano melody then followed with hip-hop beats that will surely leave his listeners hooked.  The track also has a visual counterpart with baby blue petals that forms a heart and then are slowly withering away. For sure, there is meaning in the visuals. What about the flowing of the petals away from the heart? Well, we’ll all hear it soon from the rest of the tracks in the EP.

With his upcoming EP release, this may be just what Hunter is waiting for to be a household name in the music industry. A collaboration with Bkorn would definitely open more possibilities for him to succeed in the music industry.

His songs are now available for streaming on Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple.

You can connect with Hunter Powell on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram