We know for a fact that dental clinics can be busy most of the time and this makes securing an appointment quite tedious. Receptionists answer calls left and right, respond to e-mails here and there, without having the guarantee of commitment and confirmation from both ends of the dental clinic and the patients.

Hassan Hamid has just developed a systematic way of solving this problem. With the help of his friend Michael Dallas Petersen, a new approach to generating leads and locking in appointments is now shifting the dental marketing industry into a new paradigm.

Through Hassan and Michael’s company Implant Patient Machine, the generated leads are efficiently converted into actual appointments. This is done by a group of employees in an in-house call center, which reaches out to the clients and books the lead themselves in the client´s calendar within the first five minutes, as opposed to simply front-desk phoning such leads.

This way, loose leads can be avoided as the Implant Patient Machine only offers guaranteed appointments. This is also what separates them from other lead generation agencies which only provide leads and not the exact appointment,

The whole concept started when Hassan and Michael met through a Facebook group. Within an hour of interacting, they directly proceeded to collaborate on something fresh, fired up to turn their amazing ideas into reality with the hopes of shaking up the industry. Before establishing the company, they already had a combined experience of five years in digital marketing. Hassan is the person who always thinks outside the box, and Micheal is the one who excels in systemizing anything. With their talents pooled together, their groundbreaking innovation is now leading the industry.

Aside from booking appointments, Hassan and Michael also provide a platform for their clients (doctors, dentists) through which they can interact and have a virtual consultation with the patients. Thanks to their recent partnership with Dentulu, patients can now enjoy the convenience of doing everything online without the need to travel. Apart from this, the platform enables the patients to know if they have the right doctor for them. On the other end, this new ´teledentistry´ helps the clients qualify their patients and see if they can help them within the next 24 hours.

Hassan and Michael show us how far amazing ideas paired with talent and determination can lead, and it led to something game-changing.