Freddy, what new products is Green Care Solutions working on? 

We have a few new products. One we have is a skin care line Called Hemp Avenue Skin Care which launches June 30th. We have been working for about a year on this project to make sure we perfected the formulas we wanted to offer. We’re definitely excited for that. 

What products will the skin care line have? 

We have body lotion coming out, a daily moisture face cream as well as an eye serum. We also have a face mask, lip balm, facial exfoliator and bath bombs which come in boxes and are absolutely gorgeous. Great for your skin. 

We’ve been generating millions of dollars through wholesale and manufacturing of our GCS products and we’re now expanding our distrubtion channels by launching our own retail stores. Our goal is for Green Care Solutions to be a national retail brand by 2025. We have new company billboards coming out, our CBD products are now being sold nationally and we’re about to launch our first retail store. We also have a new dispensary opening in 2021 as we continue to expand our brand. We will also have our CBD products in GCS Market, a pharmacy style grocery store where customers can shop for both CBD products and groceries.

A lot of critics are saying there is not enough science to back up CBD’s effectiveness. You have a team of scientists that have helped you create all your formulas so what would you rebuttal that with? 

I would say that’s completely false. I think that a lot of people who say it’s not effective are those who have been using fake CBD and products that lie about how much CBD is actually in there. The hemp farms are not the best and a lot of them are from different countries and often are watered down. Many of them say “hemp oil” rather than “hemp extracts” and a lot of people get confused by it. For example we are going to be coming out with horse pellets. We had a Veterinary company come to us and ask if we could make horse pellets. We said let’s see what we can do. We did 4- 5 months worth of research on the best way to go about it because horses are so huge you want to know exactly what dosage it needs to be and also have it priced properly. Our challenge was to figure out what the most effective delivery method gets the CBD to the horse and there’s so many different ways you can do it. We figured out the most effective formula to achieve bioavailability of the CBD for horses and we now have horses who are starting to take it and we have other vets that are behind us as well so I’m definitely excited about this project. 

One of the things you’ve done well as a company is be transparent about how you have come to formulate your products. Would you share your labs and COA’s with customers upon request? 

Yes definitely. Every product we have come out with comes with a COA. Because all products are different we have some with not just CBD but NBN, CBC, CBG and there’s 80 other chemicals that are involved in the compround of the cannabinoids so each product is made differently. It’s not one size fits all. Some products might need the same CBD but some are different. Like I said there are over 80 different compounds of different cannabinoids that go in there. It then goes into a lab, its third party tested and they get the COA so now the consumer is going to be excited because they know what’s in it and you can research it on the website and there it is right there for you for you to feel safe. Now you can say Green Care Solutions is one of the companies that’s the real deal out there. A lot of people are also used to getting CBD at a gas station (and there’s nothing against having CBD at gas stations) but there used to that and when you go there or to a smoke shop most of the times the cashier doesn’t know how to explain it what it is and I think that’s one of the things that’s wrong with the CBD industry is lack of education. You can listen to our show Green Talk by Green Care Solutions because we have an educational show that is sponsored by NBC and iHeartRadio. We’re also on Spotify and Youtube. We have great hosts that educate 1x a week and they discuss different topics going on and we have different celebrities week after week that come on. 

Because of Green Talk you have officially been on the air for 1 year and in that time you have had countless celebrities you have interviewed. What are you hearing overall from celebrities in general? 

Overall from what I hear it’s a big market. We’ve had a lot of sports athletes on the show and they take it and all these muscle problems, back pains, joint pains surgeries they have had gets better after taking CBD, so it helps them recover faster. We have had NFL players like Rckey Willams come on the show and the same thing with him. He takes it because it fights the injuries. Some take it for injuries and some buy it because they have family who’s terminally ill and they tried other things for pain and they go to CBD when they have nothing else to lose and they start realizing, okay this is starting to work. I have noticed celebrities and athletes are more open minded now. I know they have now accepted it in Major League Baseball as well. 

From the response you have got are you allowed to say what celebrities are using GCS? 

Well when they come on the show we give them all of our products, it’s like a care package and after that it’s just anything they continue to order. We have singers and music producers that purchase our products and we deliver them to the studio for them so that’s really cool. 

You have gotten a really aggressive start compared to most companies in the game of CBD and you just hit the ground running. What was it that made you skip that intro phase of building up the brand awareness? 

Because we were initially a cannabis company that did THC products and won so many awards. We are a 13x award winning company and because people know who we are and know that our products are good, when we went into the CBD thing people already recognised our brand. Another thing that has helped out is our podcast because we have over 2 million listeners per week on our show. When we have that many people listening they want to go to our website and try our CBD out. Another thing as well is having connections to distribution channels. What I have noticed is a lot of CBD companies just see the probability of a 22 billion dollar market in 2022 so people come together with money and say “oh lets start a CBD company” and after they make it they have no distribution whatsoever. If you already have distribution you just grab the stuff and give it to them and they take it from there. You have to have wholesalers right away. That’s why we started out on the West Coast but are now nationwide with CBD products all the way from here to New york. Another thing is innovation, we have an innovative product called CBD Canna hookah. It’s the first and only CBD hookah that is tobacco and nicotine free and because of that it opened everyone’s eyes because we’re in so many hookah lounges all over (once again brand recognition). 

As an entrepreneur what has stopped you from seeking investment capital? Are you open to partnerships? Are you right now just going to stay self funded? 

A lot of retail stores and brands are going out of business because they aren’t hitting the market right, things change and they don’t adapt or whatever it may be. For us having the right products and celebrity guests on the roster brings a great deal of profits for us so I don’t need to have someone come in for capital and but later on down the line when it’s time to go public with IPO I’ll be open to seeing how many people want to invest. Other than that we have been blessed meeting the right people and the other thing we are doing is collaborating with companies. We have lots of companies calling and emailing us asking to come up with a product and a deal where they can put “produced by GCS” on the back of their products in exchange for us creating and distributing their products. That’s what attracted over 25 different companies that want to work with us. We came up with a great CBD product so people want to create their own brands while also still using our name. They come to us because they know we have quality and they know we have notoriety. We are making money on both spectrums. We’re also getting our notariety. I believe if people are going to work with you then you should try to help them out as much as you can. It’s teamwork. Team work makes the dream work. That just barely started happening about 2-3 months ago.