Renowned garage door service provider Garage Door Repair Chicago will now provide opener repair service to its customers.

USA, 29th October

Garage Door Repair Solutions Chicago, a privately owned company based in Chicago has added yet another type of service to its roster. The newly launched service includes fixing, replacing, and maintenance of all sorts of garage door openers. Be it residential or commercial, sectional or overhead garage doors, the company will now provide 360° solutions to every opener related issue. The owners of the door spring repair Chicago business said at a recent press conference that their aim now is to touch all the bases when it comes to door repair and servicing.

The owners stated that an opener is a component that helps the door to get opened or closed properly. The opener gets activated when someone sends a signal from the remote and it opens and closes the door accordingly. But if the sensor stops working the door will remain static, without moving an inch. Without accurate knowledge, one can’t get it fixed. Instead of tampering with the damaged parts, one should seek expert interference to have it fixed.

A senior executive of the garage doors services company commented, “An opener consists of a lot of small mechanical components and detecting the root cause is something that requires professional handling. Our expertise in servicing the garage door opener is something that makes our company stand out from the rest of the competitors. We do not only fix the opener problems, but we replace the sensor or the entire opener if the requirement occurs.”

“We also have branded replacement openers like Liftsman, Craftsman, Sears in our collection to choose from. Customers can visit our website to get in touch with our sales and service team. We will dispatch our trained servicemen for professional assistance. Even if customers need a new opener to replace the broken one, we will help them to choose the best one. We always put people before business, so we provide hassle-free quality service every time”, said the CEO and managing director of the garage door opener repair Chicago company while speaking to the press.

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