Francis Volpe, one of the co-founders of Forbes-accredited marketing agency, Y Not You Media, located in Westchester, New York, is in the business of demanding attention. For him, every business requires attention for it to expand, monetize, create opportunity, influence, leverage, and for longevity. Looking at the largest brands in the world, they all have one thing in common: they have acquired the attention of the masses. They have differentiated themselves from their competition, therefore, drawing more eyes to their product or service. Simply put, attention is an asset for every business regardless of the size.

Y Not You Media is a social media attention agency helping large and small businesses grow a sustainable and strong brand with the use of social media. For Francis, now is the time to go digital and focus on building a brand to drive attention.

“In today’s digital age, it is about being the most known. Your product or service, paired with attention, will set you up for massive and long-term success. On the contrary, if you haven’t invested your time into generating attention, scaling your business will become difficult. Most importantly, you’re doing a disservice to those you could be impacting,” explains Francis. 

Companies that have done a phenomenal job in driving attention to their product and services over the years through new marketing methods and strategies are Ring, Doordash, Uber, and Lyft, to mention a few. They are consistently investing in their brand to remain relevant and on top continuously. This requires them following trends and figuring out where attention is shifting.

This is what Francis and his team take pride in: “young with an old school mentality.” They are professional, computer-savvy, but are also up to date on social media trends. A must-have since Y Not You Media develops brand strategies for their clients. They produce creative content, management of their social media, and paid advertisements all to generate growth.

Not long-ago businesses fought to get the attention of the public with the use of tv, radio commercials, and print ads. Now, there is an opportunity for businesses and brands to get more attention with fewer barriers to entry by utilizing social media. The ultimate goal is to create brand loyalty. When consumers enjoy what you’re providing, they are going to continue to pay attention, therefore resulting in them sharing with their friends and family as well as their social media audience. Social media is here to stay and easily able to adapt and integrate new features. 

However, gaining the attention of others is a commodity and a process that requires time, consistency, creativity, strategy, and execution. It rarely happens in an instant. Y Not You Media exists to get attention a whole lot easier for brands while they focus on other essential aspects of the business. Y Not You Media has 15 years of Instagram growth, branding, and marketing experience.

Indeed, attention is an asset. It’s something that all businesses and brands need and crave. However, you cannot expect your business to gain attention; you have to go out and get it.