Ethan Gold shares in his own words the inspiration for his new release ‘Our Love Is Beautiful’, the creative process behind the video, and what it can offer in a time of crisis.

“Our Love is Beautiful” is a preview of the upcoming double album Earth City, an epic in a time when that’s not the norm, about human isolation and longing in the modern world. Longing for self-love, for human connection, and ultimately for union with the natural world. There’s a soul wound for so many people in our civilization which is usually expressed as a longing for romance. And that’s part of Earth City and “Our Love is Beautiful”. And, the song and the coming album are really about the much larger sense of love and longing, after all our colorful individual searches, for unity, inside and outside ourselves.

 When I used to play really aggressive music, none of which I released, I wrote songs that were musically complicated but simple in their meaning: rage or self-hatred. I was in a lot of psychic pain for a long time, but paths out started whispering to me in musical dreams. “Our Love is Beautiful” is one of those songs that shows up simple, maybe like a flower is simple. For some people it’s a romantic love song, for some it’s a lullaby, for others it’s an anthem of pride. My old demos were uploaded and set to all kinds of visuals by people I don’t know. It’s been covered by nerdy kids in bedrooms around the world. I’ve been asked for the guitar fingerings by grooms and brides so they can sing it to their beloveds on their wedding nights. I think it resonated, even before I ever released it, because it’s a song for that tenderness just under the hard surface so many of us carry around.

My life has been a winding path, but maybe Earth City is showing up at the right time in 2020. It seems during this pandemic the entire world has taken a pause. Like everyone was running and pushing and struggling and gobbling up experiences and food and cultures and people, in a kind of blind frenzy, and now the noise has quieted down just a little. I hope the world takes this opportunity to shift towards love in the biggest sense of the word, and towards awareness of the majesty of our planet, and the incredible opportunity we have in being alive.

Photo Credit: Lori Lusk

The video itself is a timely collection of faces from across the globe who each play an integral part in sharing the track’s story.

I wanted to express global consciousness in a way that felt like a celebration. The song is about love — self-love, romantic love, and love in the largest universal sense.

I had a head injury after releasing my first record, and making the “Our Love is Beautiful” video my biggest step in returning into the world. I knew the song had fans around the world. It was floating around the internet, people were covering it on Youtube, and uploading old versions of it with their own visuals. So I got one of those round-the-world tickets where the price is much lower if you move only in one direction. I went west, with a few adjustments by using trains: Tokyo, Osaka, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Addis Ababa, Istanbul, Helsinki, Tampere, St Petersburg, Moscow, New York, Cleveland, Mexico City, Patzcuaro, San Francisco, and back into Los Angeles. And fans submitted footage from the US, UK, Hungary, Costa Rica, Greece, Gaza, and Nepal.

‘Our Love is Beautiful’ is out TODAY across all streaming platforms; Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon & wherever else you stream your music.


Ethan Gold lead vocal, background vocals, acoustic guitar, synthesizers, tambourine, music and lyrics, producer

Dave Cobb electric guitar, production consultant

Greg Lee bass

Darren Dodd drums

Mark Rains engineering, mixing

Rick Parker additional mixing

Gardner Knight vocal mixing

Neal Ostrovsky mastering



Directed & Produced by Ethan Gold.

Filmed by Ethan on an iPhone6 around the world along with fan submissions.

Editing & Effects Taner Tumkaya.

Additional editing Conor O’Neill & Rex Lowry & Noel Lawrence.

Colorist Andrew Balis at Wildfire.

Additional editing and effects Adam Laiben.

Special thanks to Ari Gold.